Poem: Ode to a Rainstorm (A Pup’s Perspective)

I pad through puddles
Feels nice on feet
squishy wet grass
is a tasty treat

I find stick
tastes yummy too
water drips on my nose
I chew and chew

Then towel time
So warm and soft
I chase and play
As Human dries me off

I miss the rain
When it goes away
I like the wet and mud
Every day

Poem: Of Books

I bought a book
At the book store
I bought a book
I don’t need more

Hug it close
To my chest
Dream of
quiet nights
A writer’s quest

What new people
Live in its pages
A girl, a boy
An army of mages

The dream’s the journey
In dusty pages
A book
A store
And dreams galore

Poem: Saying Goodbye to April

the leaves beckon “come hither”

get off your lazy ass

my trees are full

flowers tilted in bloom

tomorrow is another tomorrow

the sun shines lazily down on empty chairs

all I can hear is the rain to come

feel the cold on the back of my neck

hear the pat-pat of drops on my new umbrella

the world feels empty

if there is adventure out there

I have yet to find it

Poem: Rainy Afternoon

Been carrying this one around for a few days now – wrote it on Friday, but of course I forgot about it! Hope everyone had a great day today!

Rainy Afternoon

Friday rain and pancakes

squeaky boots and grey sky

one writer’s voice

a door creaks

slowly opens and deep breath

nothing there but a cup of tea,

a much-read book and rumpled covers

the stories we tell

when the day is long

and the leaves are wet

and the road is slippery

when a curtain is ruffled

and the air smells of dirt, and worms and spring time –

are the adventures we dream of

when the day slumbers on

a rainy afternoon

Poem: Things Happen for a Reason

Here’s something I scribbled down at work today. Someone recently said this to me in so many words and I’ve taken it to heart. Just trying to remain positive on such a dark and rainy day.

Things happen for a reason

you hope to start at point A

and end at point B

you hope to be happy

you hope that the journey is worth it

you hope that the path you chose,

is the one that goes

you hope this heartache

is merely passing


Sometimes the path is winding

with bumps in the road

and gaps and ravines

or sometimes you’ll come

across something in between

mistakes and pain

forever stuck in the rain

when the bottoms of

your pants get wet


such is life

the ups, the down

trying to figure out

your way around



Poem: Rain

Sigh, I love rain…how many poems have I written about rain? Too many. Very much a rainy Thursday today. But despite the gloom, I had a rather nice day!


Big drops in tiny puddles

leaves heavy and wet

cats shaking paws all befuddled

Let’s see if it’s stopped yet

Rain boots and big umbrellas

yellow coats and squeaky shoes

’round a corner, “let’s splash that fella!”

sniffley noses, colds and flus

For me: it’s a good book and hot tea

quiet adventures, all alone

it’s not lonely, my book and me

It’s…a feeling of home.


I like writing silly poems like this for you guys. It entertains me…and rhyming is fun even if you’re just doing it for fun. Hope everyone had a great day! Happy writing!

Poem: Rainy Sunday Afternoon


I like the sound of rain on a Sunday afternoon

I like the way it falls, the way it sounds

the look of green, the slick streets

The pattering sound when it hits the ground

Me in my pjs, cartoons in the background

Like someone stroking my hair

after a long bath in suds and warm water

Today, the darkness won’t bother me

today, I will conquer the dark and the sadness

with comforting thoughts of trees filled with raindrops

heavy with water, drooped so low over the ground

This should be their attitude of sadness

this should be proof that the universe is low

but instead, I think of it as trees bowing

to the universe in reverence

the earth is crying

and this is their moment of silence

Poem: Drip, Drip, Drop

It’s been raining all weekend, and I had this poem in my head last night. This one is from the early college days, but still fun. I wish I could still rhyme like I did back then, but I am so rarely inspired lately.

The thing about rain, though, is that here is something about the sound of rain, the smell of it, the feel of it on your skin that tells a story all on its own.

Spectacular kisses always happen in the middle of a rain storm…it’s the fantastic release of the earth’s pent-up energy, and on those really sad days, it’s the tears you feel inside, the universe crying, sharing in with your grief…

Anyway, here it is just a poem, and me thinking about the sound of water as it falls. It’s not really about a rain storm at all. 😉

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

IMG_20140510_152509351_HDRDrip, Drip, Drop

Drip, drip, drop, goes the water in the sink.

As I stand there listening, it gets me to think;

How much water is in the ocean,

When the waves all dip in motion,

is it as great as I imagine,

Or a waste?

Does the sunlight on the water glisten?

Can you smell its salty taste?


Drip, drip, drop, goes the water when it rains.

Flowing down rusty gutters and down shiny window panes.

It gathers in wide, muddy puddles.

It clears away the dust.

It drips on plants and worn-out metal,

And gathers where it must.


Drip, drip, drop, goes the water in the sink.

As it is wasting, it gets me to think.

How much water will be needed,

When our whole supply is depleted?

When our water just flows out the drain?

There will be no waves in motion,

Because there is no ocean, or water…to form rain.

50 Word Stories: Turmoil


I think I took this when super storm sandy happened.

Water fell in torrents. What a perfect end to a stormy night. Rain poured down the gutter, my face fell with it. I looked down at my speckled blue rain coat, and flicked the dark drops from my shoulders. Tomorrow will be a new day. Today, I’ll bury the hatchet.

Magnetic Poetry: ‘Rainy Day’

It’s raining cats and dogs here in upstate New York this Sunday evening. I cracked the window just so I could hear the patter of the rain outside, because the sound is so relaxing, but then a spider decided to crawl its way down the screen and freak me out, so that quickly ended! But it reminded me of this poem I started last night. It’s been a while for some magnetic poetry, but I am proud the way this one came out. Happy Sunday everyone. 🙂 Let’s hope its a good week for all of us! Rain, or shine.

Rainy Day

wpid-img_20150614_181906805.jpgClouds bring liquid mornings

like oceans

like blue sky

like joy

and the soft breath

of steam to my lips