Poem: October 25th

Gloomy, Dark Friday
Week before Halloween
Decorations come out
Orange, black and green

The witches are flying
And skeletons dance
You find that wig that matches perfectly
With those bell bottom pants

Pumpkins get new faces
Their guts thrown in the trash
Somehow, every costume you see
Is showing more ass

There’s Pumpkin EVERYTHING
We even eat the seeds
Pumpkins are the turkeys of October
But it’s candy that I need!!!

Twix and butterfingers
Three musketeers, milky way
This diabetic would dive into a vat of chocolate
(Big sigh)…Maybe someday

But I digress
Week before Halloween
Sky gray and spooky
Trees shed their leaves

Then, tongue on hand
And cold, doggy nose
Happiness is a tail wag
A soft warm face, pressing close

You can give me October
The bare bones left of July
But I’ll keep my summer
Tucked away, just in case (Another Big Sigh.)

Poem: Warm October Whispers

It was a beautiful day yesterday and I wpid-img_20151010_121910935_hdr.jpgscribbled this one down while I was at work. All gloom and doom today, though. Definitely need this today.

Warm, October day whispers:

“Come. Come and see

take a nap

underneath the trees.


And if you fall into a trance

where the warm wind blows

and the leaves will dance


and you’re overwhelmed

by the joy of fall

by the sun that dapples

by the birds that call


sit a while

underneath a nice, tall tree

have a drink

and think of me.”