The Force Awakens New Trailer Review and Thoughts

I watched this new Force Awakens trailer with Mike (the other half) last night, and I had some reservations.

He thinks that I’m just irritated because now I have more questions than answers, (which is probably true,) but also, something about this new trailer troubles me. So, thought I’d write-up a quick blog post to puzzle it out.

I was disappointed when I learned a few years ago that Lucas had sold his masterpiece to Disney, because, well, Disney likes to ruin things. Like important things. By adding their own interpretation to the field. (Any fans of Boy Meets World see their Girl Meets World version? Yuck.)

But when I heard that J. J. Abrams was at the helm of the project, and all of the resources and money that Disney has, I thought okay…this movie might have a chance.

Then I saw this trailer and all of those doubts started to creep in again.

In this new trailer we finally see what we can assume are the main characters of the film : a former Storm Trooper, and a young brown-haired girl, Rey, living on what looks like Tatooine. I thought it was possibly Leia’s and Han’s daughter, but, according to this new trailer, it doesn’t really seem that way.

To be honest, I’m going to be very annoyed (I’m already annoyed) if this young woman is not in any way related to the Skywalkers. Because…I mean, come on, its STAR WARS; a lot of the main plot is centered around one big romance that ends tragically between Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala.

Of course, I could be reading into something that is meant to be vague on purpose – it is J.J. Abrams after all.

Anyway, the tone I got from the new trailer – so melancholy. There’s a lot of reminiscing going on (from what we’ve seen) but I hope that the film doesn’t get bogged down on what Star Wars was, and to focus on what it still is…to continue mastering a great story.

That being said, there’s got to be a balance, too. It needs to have some of that old Star Wars feel, (from the three great originals,) but also be fresh and exciting for this cinematic age. And although we love Star Wars, we hope that J.J Abrams also remembers that we love the universe of Star Wars, too, so we hope that it still feels like it’s in that galaxy far, far, away…with all the action scenes, explosions, droids, unexpectedly adorable aliens, and quotable lines, (minus the corniness)…

But, I don’t think that’s asking too much…right? 😉

Anyway, do you guys have any thoughts on the new movie? Are there things you are definitely looking forward to?

I’ve decided that I didn’t hate the new trailer, but it definitely did make me irritated because it managed to answer NONE of my questions. Hmm. Just like LOST all over again. Oh, J. J. Abrams.

Hope everyone has a great night!



Revolution Review – When the world goes crazy, what will you care about?

Well, for starters – I’m hooked!

With the characters that we see so far, the mystery, and the eerie yet beautiful scenes we see of broken down buildings, cars with plants in them, candlelight and goats…Revolution is stunning in that it brings a world to our eyes that is chilling yet thought-provoking.

From the very get go, the focus is on the electronics and how as children, Charlie and Danny are glued to the television set. When all those material and worldly possessions disappear, what is the focus?

Children. Family. Love, togetherness. The things that should matter now, but somehow get pushed to the side. I love how it makes you think: When the world goes crazy around you, what will you care about?

As for characters that caught my attention: We’ve got a comic relief of a man who used to work for Google, and who is allergic to bees; a young, hott militia man, an Uncle Miles who just might be some kind of super man, and then there’s Charlie.

A strong, young woman with a purpose and with a goal, who just happens to carry a cross-bow and wears a leather jacket. She’s stubborn, but she’s got compassion, too. And any one who has a reason to keep fighting is going to keep fighting, especially when it’s for someone they care about.

My one complaint about her: if you’re going to look so bad-ass, why must you have a cute militia man save you all the time? Although, I love the start of romance there…forbidden, no? Sexy and interesting…I’d love to see more of him too!

So far, we’ve got great things to keep me tuning in next week. The promise of romance, a great world, characters that need more explaining about, and the question that everyone wants answered: Why did the lights go out in the first place?

To quote my sister: “I have yet to decide if this will be a good enough substitution for LOST.” And me too.

There hasn’t been many shows that have been able to fill the LOST-void, but at least Revolution has one thing about it that is similar: One question answered and we only have about twenty more!

I cannot wait for next week!

New TV Show: Revolution! Yeah!

Is anyone as excited as me about this new TV show coming on NBC in the fall??

My Dad’s only comment: “Where do they get the bows and arrows and swords from?” Hehehe. I love him.

Finally, NBC’s taking a show of post apocalyptic proportions and presenting it to us for entertainment! (Eh, with the exception of Terra Nova…and we all know how thaat turned out.) J. J. Abram’s involved, so it can’t be too terrible, right? Very excited about this!

As I am an avid TV watcher and lover (of course I am! I’m nerdy like that!) I will occasionally be reviewing some of my favorite TV shows on here. Revolution will most definitely be making an appearance. Also, keep an eye out for reviews of Vampire Diaries, Bones, and Once Upon a Time later on.

I love the summer, but I am excited about the new season of TV starting soon! FINALLY! Something worth watching! Can’t wait!