Random Flash Fiction: Miss Green

Hmm. Wanted to write some fiction tonight. Sat down and this kind of popped out. Not sure I’ll continue…but hey, it’s something. 

Hope everyone is having a great night, and happy writing!


Miss Green

Her hair was the color of straw; in dreads and pulled up on the top of her head. I loved the way it looked heavy and woolly, like she was carrying some sort of burden that spoke of an adventurous spirit, a need to get a way and explore.

She wore an electric green top, and the jewelry on her nose and ears and hands were a metallic green. She looked like something electric and natural, like a cyborg-computer mixed into the natural environment; something that couldn’t be outdated or out-sourced.

I’d ventured into this club because my friends told me to. Go to The Hollow they told me, you’ll love it. “Eclectic,” another friend had said. “Eccentric,” said another.

I found it to be a place full of oddities – like me. I wasn’t in any position to judge, really. My shy, awkward persona seemed to melt well into the absurd: the guy wearing the golden tights and the black sparkly mask, the woman dressed in garb that looked nineteenth century, and the blonde with the silver bikini and chewbacca tattoo on her stomach. What guy couldn’t resist a woman who had an ode to one of the greatest movies on earth tattooed on her body?

I found Miss Cyborg-Green on the dance floor. She was dancing to a funky beat; something with all drums and a nasal groan. Every one else seemed to be talking or drinking – not the typical mixed drinks and beer, no – mostly ales and wine, and I saw someone drinking coffee.

The lights were dim, but not completely dark. There was an atmosphere of frivolity. If I blinked my eyes, I could lose myself in another world. I felt the magic, the otherness in the air and was certain that Miss Green was a person that I wanted to meet.

St Patty’s Day Poem: “The Clover”

I wrote this poem back in the days (several years ago) when I was in a rhyming phase. I was trying to think of something to share for St. Patty’s day, and I didn’t have time to type up a quick story, and I thought this would be perfect. Clovers, green things…it works.

Happy-St-Patricks-Day-Free-Hi-Res-Wallpaper-1024x640The Clover

On his way back from a stroll one day, Charlie found the time,

To reach down and pick a clover, a clover intended to be mine.


This clover, it was four leafed, it was dark green and true.

Then he held it out before him and said, “I picked this here for you.


May this clover bring you more luck, than it has given me.

May it take you places higher, higher than the tallest tree.


May it give you luck and happiness, where ever you choose to go.

May it give you the courage and confidence, to let your true self show.


May it keep you away from harm, and protect you in the cold,

And let it represent my love for you, if I may be so bold.”


I stared at the leafed plant in my hands, hands that began to shake,

And the clover fluttered to the ground, to be lost in a deep green lake.


I cried, “I dropped it, dear, I lost it. I’ll find another for you.”

Then he said something that touched my heart, “Only love rings true.”


Ah, I suppose it does have a ring of corniness to it, lol. But hey, I was young. And I’m still a dreamer. And I still believe in fairy tales, and luck and love and all that good stuff. 🙂

Best of luck to us all as we go about our day!