Poem: October 25th

Gloomy, Dark Friday
Week before Halloween
Decorations come out
Orange, black and green

The witches are flying
And skeletons dance
You find that wig that matches perfectly
With those bell bottom pants

Pumpkins get new faces
Their guts thrown in the trash
Somehow, every costume you see
Is showing more ass

There’s Pumpkin EVERYTHING
We even eat the seeds
Pumpkins are the turkeys of October
But it’s candy that I need!!!

Twix and butterfingers
Three musketeers, milky way
This diabetic would dive into a vat of chocolate
(Big sigh)…Maybe someday

But I digress
Week before Halloween
Sky gray and spooky
Trees shed their leaves

Then, tongue on hand
And cold, doggy nose
Happiness is a tail wag
A soft warm face, pressing close

You can give me October
The bare bones left of July
But I’ll keep my summer
Tucked away, just in case (Another Big Sigh.)

Poem: Walking in Cemeteries

I like walking through cemeteries
The dead are quiet
Peace and birds and secrets
Whispered between leaves

Sometimes sadness
Hollows through the weathered tombstones
But when the sun is out
And the leaves are chattering
I feel respect
All the respect

Poem: Warm October Whispers

It was a beautiful day yesterday and I wpid-img_20151010_121910935_hdr.jpgscribbled this one down while I was at work. All gloom and doom today, though. Definitely need this today.

Warm, October day whispers:

“Come. Come and see

take a nap

underneath the trees.


And if you fall into a trance

where the warm wind blows

and the leaves will dance


and you’re overwhelmed

by the joy of fall

by the sun that dapples

by the birds that call


sit a while

underneath a nice, tall tree

have a drink

and think of me.”

Appreciating the Fall Colors: Today’s Nature Walk

10726818_10202176535569586_205909727_nThere is a trail that runs behind the laundromat here in Binghamton, NY. They call it the rail trail and it is a paved trail on the old rail line that is great for walking, biking, and roller-blading.

While I was waiting for my laundry to dry today, I headed out and decided to get some walking in as the weather was gorgeous and the day mildly warm.

And little did I know…

There are some nature trails that branch off the main trail!

10721402_10202176529289429_368447150_nI’m a country girl by heart and grew up walking the trails next to my house. So this felt like a dream and a gift to me. There is nothing more magical than the woods…surrounded by trees, fresh air and the sound of leaves crunching underfoot.

woods1I saw deer scampering away from me as I wandered on; a few bunnies, too, and everywhere there was the rustle of chipmunks, birds and squirrels scurrying away from the path. Even though this little sanctuary is wedged between two highways, and you can hear the distant sounds of trucks and cars rumbling along the road, it is amazing to me how life manages to flourish anyway in the small, forgotten places of the world.

And I stumbled upon this beauty:

10721259_10202176531649488_1045797590_nA Great Egret, stopping to rest in the swamp here as it migrates South. They are usually pretty rare in this area. (I wish I could have gotten a better shot, but my crunchy steps on the leaves scared it away.)

I was amazed at the vastness of the landscape…such a small woods, but so many mysteries, so many great surprises.


10721290_10202176530009447_1936874047_nI am a Summer girl through and through, but Fall is such an amazing time of the year for me. It feels like a season of great reflection, to remember to appreciate the beauty of the things around you before it goes away for a while.

10728665_10202176533209527_1977863149_n 10719034_10202176533849543_454068244_n 10721077_10202176530089449_584952512_n Such a great day! And I was very pleased with the shots I got. What do you love about Fall?

Is it the food? The weather? The colors? Comment below if you want!

Happy Writing Everyone! 🙂

I Am Me

I’ve been in a bit of a down mood today and no matter what I tried, (TV, music, chocolate)…I couldn’t seem to get myself out of it. So, even though I didn’t want to, I went for a walk down the road.

My doctor always encouraged me to exercise…says that it “lightens the load” in more ways than one, and not just physically…

Cow in the field down the road from my house. Why they feel the need to stare at people walking past them, I have no idea.

Cows ogled me as I trudged past. In my peripheral vision, I noticed the trees a burnt red and orange. I look down at my feet and see a brown, and black fuzzy, wooly bear caterpillar, creeping its way across the rough surface of the road. Bugs flew up at my face. Bugs! In the middle of October. The sun was warm on my green sweater and on my matching green headband, the sharp, cool air biting at my cheeks, which are pink from the air that doesn’t want to make its way into my lungs.

I thought about why I was upset, thought about the scenery around me. Felt my mood like it was a physical being, felt it weigh me down in my chest. Inside, I wonder and agonized: Am I good enough? Why do I feel so worthless?

And while I’m wondering why the black and white cow in front of me keeps staring and staring, something prompts me to turn around and I’m greeted with this view:

No matter how grey you feel inside, there is beauty still. As emphasized by this beaten down tree in the field I was walking next to and the rainbow soaring above it.

I don’t know what made me turn around; divine intervention, an epiphany? But I’m glad I did. It felt like one of those moments where I was faced with the reality of my situation by the visuals around me. And as corny as it sounds, it felt like a promise.

“I will not abandon you. You are not alone.”

There is still beauty inside, even though I felt so crummy. And I hold that warmth inside of me and I am happy still. Partially because of my walk, partially because of the air that forced itself in and out of my lungs, partially because of the scenery; because I know I am alive, because of the sharp air that pinched my cheeks awake. But mostly because I know that I am beautiful.

Rainbow above the burnt, orange trees.

I am beautiful mentally, physically and all the other ways in between. I am a beautiful writer, poet, woman, child, daughter, comedic and friend.

And when you learn to love yourself, you learn to love everything around you. I am worthy. I am a friend.

I am…me. 🙂

The Beauty of Fall

Trees starting to show their color in a field next to my house. Hopefully we will get some sunny days soon…

Although, I hate the cold weather, I sometimes forget how lucky I am to live in area where I get to witness the changing of the seasons.

To see the beauty of fall: the robust reds, the bright, yellow-greens and oranges of all different shades; light orange, red-orange and some the color of grapefruit.

Bright yellow trees on the corner next to my house.

The smell of the crisp, cool air, the wind that’s got a bite to it; the smell of wood smoke, a hint of sweet, tart ripe apples. Yeah, this is fall, my fall, and I realize I appreciate it a bit more this year than I ever have before.

I don’t know, maybe I’m getting old…Maybe I’m finally realizing that although new places are fun and exciting to see…sometimes, nothing can beat the comfort of home!

Colorful trees in the field behind my house.