Flash Fiction: Testimony of Johnathan Lawrence, Murder Trial #4565

Um, I’m not really sure what happened here. I felt the pressure to write something new tonight, as I don’t want to disappoint those that have been looking for something new from me each night, but also because I really need to push myself to write everyday.

And when I push myself, I really do seem to surprise myself. Nothing is perfect, but it sure is entertaining sometimes. I also might be watching reruns of Bones tonight…which might act as some accidental inspiration. 😉

Happy Weekend everyone!

The Testimony of Johnathan Lawrence, Murder Trial #4565.

She’s got that look that she’s been used too many times. Like her face would have dried up, if she didn’t keep applying make up. Maybe last week she had a someone, maybe it was yesterday. What’s the term they use for women who have…let me say…”been around the bend?”

wpid-img_20150419_180345483.jpgAh, she had her uses I suppose. Her hair was that smooth, silky black, her eyes wounded, her lips pouty. I loved the way she chewed them when she was speaking to me. As if every word next out of that sticky, pink mouth was going to say something holy –  something worthy of remembering. She didn’t really have a sense of humor. It took her a while to get to the point. Or maybe that’s just because she thought too much about the answer. Thinks that maybe saying the wrong thing will get her hit again. Just how it happened when she was ten, just how it happened when she first slept with her ex-boyfriend.

[The first lawyer asks the witness] Did you hit her John?

No! I didn’t hit her! What kind of jackass do you think I am? I just like it when she did what she does. You know…down there. God, the magic of a woman’s mouth. You know, I liked it when she got real slippery…would giggle like a little girl. [Someone clears their throat. Probably the lawyer]. Huh. So that’s why she looked so wounded. You’d think she’d have figured out that’s not the way to be. Turns a man off, you know? I guess all the hitting made her stupid. She sure was nice to look at, though.

What was the name she gave me? Hell, if I remember. Anita? No, Laura? Yes, Laura. Laura Tippleton. She told me that she liked to go downtown sometimes at Midnight. That’s where they would find her. You know…her “conquests.” [Witness laughs]. That’s where she found me.

[The second lawyer, this one female asks:] Did she like to go down to the river?

Well, I guess. Maybe she would skip rocks or something like that. Fish. You know, she used to say if you look at the surface of the water long enough you could see the future, I just thought she got hit in the head too many times.

[The first lawyer looks up from the table where he sits next to a young man; a greasy young man who is hand cuffed and wears an orange jump suit.]

[The female lawyer asks] Do you think she saw anything in the river?

[The witness on the stand looks puzzled. He rubs at the grizzle on his face. Adjusts his red cap with oil-stained fingers.]

[The judge begs him to answer the question.]

[The witness’s eyes cross and his mouth works, then pauses, and then he speaks.] I guess not then, huh? Because that’s where they found her, isn’t? Hell, you never know the finality of life until it is staring you in the face. Plum, staring you in the face. Would have been nice of the river to tell her that. Maybe they wouldn’t have found her like they did. I wish I could have told her that. I, well…I’m sorry I couldn’t remember her name.

[The female lawyer gives him a long, hard look, but it is not completely unkind. Her eyes glance, just once over to the judge. She speaks.]   No further questions.

A Night of TV: Elena Lives and Beauty Meets the Beast

Disclaimer: Spoiler Alert! For 10/11/12 ‘s episodes of Vampire Diaries and Beauty and the Beast.

Well, was able to catch the premiere of The Vampire Diaries tonight and decided to stick around for CW’s debut of Beauty of the Beast. It went something like this:

The council finally has enough of vampires in Mystic Falls and decides to enact their revenge. Meanwhile, in the middle of this is transitioning Elena, who is reassured by Stefan that there is a third option – Bonnie is, of course, set the task of working on it.

Caroline’s mother loses her job; the mayor, (Tyler’s mother) gets arrested and Dr. Fell is threatened. And although Alaric is gone, he has managed to leave a legacy in his wake: a very determined council. The council captures Stefan, Elena and Rebecca, hoping to flush out the other vampire’s: Rebecca’s siblings and Damon.

They do manage to flush out one, however, Klaus in Tyler’s body is too busy rescuing Caroline, a fact that does not go unnoticed by Rebecca as she was left behind. And if the council thinks that any of the original siblings care a lick about each other anymore, then they are just as stupid as they look.

Damon blames Matt for Elena’s predicament, something that Stefan also beats himself up over, but like always, it was Elena’s choice. And because it was Elena’s choice, it had to be the right one, right?

Bonnie goes to the other side to try to bring the alive part of Elena back, but is warned of dark magics by her Grandmother and cannot complete the task. She is, of course, confronted by dark magic as she returns to restore Klaus back to his body and Tyler back to his, and her Grandmother gets punished for it.

The highlight of the night was Caroline discovering that Klaus was in Tyler’s body. Something that surprised me, because I thought it would be a storyline that the show might want to drag on for a while, especially considering Klaus’s feelings for Caroline. Hmm. But we’ll accept Michael Trevino with his shirt off any day. Klaus or no Klaus.

A good portion of the council gets blown up, Elena feeds and becomes a vampire and the show ends on the note that although she is now one of the undead, at least she’ll be with Stefan forever. And as nauseatingly sweet as that sounds, it also sounds rather boring. At least Elena has all those memories of Damon now, though.

As far as it goes, I’ll give it a B minus. There was a lot going on in this episode, but then, none at all at the same time. For a series that kept the audience hopping with all its twists and turns the previous season, this episode was rather predictable.

They couldn’t make Elena human again because of the fans and they couldn’t let her die. Ah, oh well. Maybe she’ll complain less now that she has super powers. But who will Damon and Stefan rescue now?? Matt??

Beauty and the Beast 

Surprised me with its lead character, “Cat,” a kick-ass detective who does what she does best, sticks her nose in where it doesn’t belong. At least this show knows how to respect the female protagonist. And there are a few of them here and done well for a show that doesn’t seem to have a high budget. (The special effects weren’t that great.)

The story is as follows: “Cat’s” mother is killed one gloomy and creepy night by a group of men and would have been killed her self, if it weren’t for the help of a ‘beast.’ A man with strong capabilities and beast-like physicality, but everyone tells her she must have been imagining it.

Four years later, she’s working as a detective for the LAPD and she encounters another anomaly: DNA that is not quite human, evidence that was also found at the crime scene of her mother.

She meets Vincent, a man who is supposed to be dead but isn’t. This is the man who saved her the night her mother died, and the whole truth comes out. Vincent was in the military and was selected for a special project. They were given something that was supposed to enhance the soldier’s capabilities. Well it did. But with startling results. Once the adrenaline kicks in these “super-beings” become beasts and there’s nothing that can stop them.

Except annihilation from the very own people who created them, of course. But it looks like Vincent, and several others managed to escape and now live in secret in the city, helping women in need from the “human monsters” that prowl the streets at night.

Although predictable, and “Cat” (Beauty) and “Vincent” (the beast) have no chemistry, the creativity of the story and bad-ass female leads surprised me. I’ll probably tune in for another viewing.