Revolution Review – a TV show, or a movie?

***Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t watched tonight’s episode of Revolution, go do that now before reading this! Like, really, you should!***

Well, for the most part the second episode of Revolution,  did what it was supposed to do. While satisfied, there is also mild frustration: I will be tuning in next week in the hopes of discovering just what the heck is going on!

What I didn’t expect? All the bloodshed.

This episode of Revolution definitely gives us a look at a harsher world. The lesson here: there are many ways to die in this world and if you have to, might as well die painlessly.

We’ve got Miles, and his new friend Nora killing everyone left and right. And then there’s Charlie, who sees a larger picture: Why are they living this way? Why doesn’t anyone care that people are being treated as slaves? Sometimes things really are just black and white. You do something because its wrong. Not because of an ulterior motive, which by the way, everyone seems to have in this show.

Charlie’s mother is alive? (Not that I wasn’t happy to see more of Elizabeth Mitchell, who I loved as Juliet in LOST) but wow, really? What’s her motive and where does everyone fit in a larger picture?

This episode did what LOST often did many times throughout its entire season. In one episode, we get thrown for a loop just one after the other. One more question answered and we only have about a thousand more!

What I love about this show so far?

  • The scenes we see between “Nate” and Charlie. He’s a mysterious type character with compassion and that makes him appealing and very sexy! I just want…more of him! (I’m sure there are horny girls *coughs* out there writing fanfics as we speak!)
  • The whole Civil War feel that the show is starting to get. We’ve been knocked back to the 1860’s! When the guy got shot in the stomach, I almost expected them to break out the handsaw. Now, if anyone started to sprout hideous side burns…I wouldn’t be too surprised. I get the feeling that someone involved in this show is a fan of historical fiction…
  • I love the scenery! Like my frustration and impatience up there at not seeing the larger picture, I feel like everything in this show is meant for a larger picture. There is just so much to take in all at once…and that includes the scenery. Every location has a purpose and detail and you have to pay attention!
  • Some of the dialogue. Mostly what Giancarlo Esposito’s character says.

What I don’t like about the show?

  • The lack of chemistry between the characters. I feel like for some it is slow building, though. Miles and Charlie are starting to have something. Charlie and “Nate” as well.  It still feels like we have a bunch of strangers that have been forced into this terrible situation together…they are talking at each other still, not with each other.
  • I love the twists and turns in the story, but I feel like we got too much in one episode. Odd for me to say that, as I love a show that makes you think. But, perhaps there should be more of a focus on a few characters in one episode, instead of them all at once??
  • And that brings me to this point: I said this show feels like it’s part of a larger picture, and a lot of my frustration is because of my impatience. I want to know what the heck is going on!

But that’s the whole point isn’t it? Bring back the viewers. Whether it be interesting plot turns, violence, great scenery…this second episode is drawing me back for more.

And the irony? I am frustrated at the show because I want to know more. Who? What? Where? When?  All these questions in one show, and I want them answered!

I think if the show keeps making us ask questions…it’ll be just fine. Where it might lose a large audience, is in the characters. So far, I love Charlie. But I can’t seem to say why just yet.

One thing’s for sure: Revolution is definitely meant for a larger picture. There is just so much in this show…I think it should be two hours, not one!