Poem Rerun: On Vacation

Feeling those good ol’ Sunday blues tonight. But not as bad as usual. Could be the extra short week coming up – gotta love those long holiday weekends! This is a rerun poem, I posted this a few years ago. Someone posted something on my Facebook which reminded me of it. Dreaming of the beach, and sun and blue sky always.  🙂

On Vacation


I like texture

on a desktop photo

the promise

vacation leaves



like sunlight

fan chopping

an ocean breeze


office chairs

become lawn chairs

coffee cocktail

clutched in hand


on the beach

out of reach

I relax my toes

in carpet-sand

Vacationing in Tampa, Florida!

So I meant to post early this week to say that the reason I’ve been MIA for awhile is that I’ll be vacationing in Tampa, Florida for a week! I am here visiting some friends until Monday February 4th. Last week, I was ice skating on the pond next to my house and it was 10 degrees outside and the following week I am here in Tampa, Florida where it was at least 70 degrees today! Just wanted to share some quick photos that I thought were amusing.

Here’s the BEFORE:


     And AFTER….100_1392Haha! I am having a very good time. Happy vacationing for those who’ve decided to escape to warmer weather for a while! It has been fantastic!! 🙂