Writers Need Other Hobbies, Too!


Pictured I colored and sent to my Mom, lol 😛

Slept in super late this Sunday as per usual, and made pancakes and bacon for brunch. Got some stuffed pepper soup stewing away in the crock pot, and here I am sitting here at my desk spending some quality time soaking in my light box’s rays.

Sundays are usually lazy days for me lately, and today I am feeling creative. I have not been the most diligent writer as of late, but I must not let writer’s fear get me down.

All my activity in the kitchen this afternoon, reminds me how important it is for us writers to have other hobbies besides writing.

You need to give yourselves a chance to be creative with everything.

Lately, I’ve been coloring, working on a cross-stitching project and baking more in the kitchen. Although, sometimes I use these activities to procrastinate on writing projects that I should be working on instead, I feel a sense of freedom on working on other things.

Expand your horizons – be open to new ways of creating.

Chefs are creative when they are in the kitchen; painters dabble with different textures, different colors; bakers create freshly baked masterpieces of flaky, buttery bread and crusty goodness.

Athletes create different exercise routines, different ways of pushing themselves to the next level, of knowing what they can and can’t get away with when it comes to their bodies.

As writers, we have to get used to thinking about things in a different way.

If you just stick to what you know, or if you stick to one thing, you may become an expert at that one thing but you will limit yourselves when it comes to creating.

Writers know that the more you know the more knowledgeable you’ll become and the more useful your writing will be to others.

Never limit yourself as a writer, or as a creative person. Craft, paint, hike, climb, explore, taste and try new things.

We never know what will spark that next great inspiration. What do you like to do to stay creative?

Happy Writing!



What’s For Dinner Tonight: Beer bread, and Cheddar Corn Chowder!

Someone mentioned to me on here that he likes a good food post now and then, and since I’m a foodie myself, I say: Bring it on!

What’s for dinner tonight?


That’s bacon for a garnish on top! YUM!

Only beer bread with a fantastic Cheddar corn chowder, which is chocked full of potatoes, corn, ham and bacon. You make this fantastic cheese sauce for it and it all comes together in this wonderful melody of stick-to-your-ribs goodness. Found the recipe, here.

I was also surprised with how easy the beer bread came together, too. Just flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, and beer. Pour butter over the top and viola! Buttery crusty goodness. Like everything, I googled this recipe, and you can find it at food.com, here.

10687038_10202209849442412_8314907496123985708_nDoesn’t it just look fantastic? And why haven’t I made this stuff before??

Beer bread: a sweet, hearty bread that is buttery, with a crunchy crust that is fantastic for dipping into soups. I’m making this one again!

I’m discovering lately that I’m starting to love baking more and more. Call it old age, science or just the fact that its relaxing to mix ingredients and see it develop into a sweet and glorious concoction – I can see how people bake when they are stressed or upset about something. It is definitely a comfort after a long and stressful day.

It was our first time making corn chowder and beer bread and we were so proud with how it turned out! What do you guys like to make?

Got any comfort foods that you want to share? This corn chowder girl is all ears…get it? Get it? 😉

What a nice way to spend this fall rainy night!

Happy Writing (and eating) everyone!