Magnetic Poetry: Morning Kisses

I was having a thought after dropping Mike off at work this morning: I love summer.

I thought that I would write more since I’m not all depressed from the winter blues, but turns out it is just the opposite!

I want to be outside and about enjoying the great weather, which is great, too, but doesn’t always mean I’ll be sitting at my desk writng…hmm.

Figured it was time for some Magnetic Poetry, it has been awhile.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend! 🙂 Happy Writing!

Morning Kisses


your kisses are delicious

let morning shivers

melt away

in each concrete embrace


Magnetic Poetry: And This Too, Shall Pass


Smile young and old

this blue morning will melt away

let joy linger with desire,

fire dance into our lives,

like a cool drink on a hot day

[breathe] it in and embrace it


Magnetic Poetry: Fools

Thinking about all the crazy things happening in the  world right now. My heart goes out to those in France right now 😦 If there was a time I wished I had a super power, it was now. Oh, I’d totally kick some ass.


Peace in the world
is like when man
born naked
lived without fire
words or concrete
we be ape fools
thirsty and sad

Magnetic Poetry: “Almost”

Getting a late start on my NaNoWriMo writing tonight, let’s hope I can make up some time on Saturday and Sunday. I wrote this one last night…it’s been too long since I’ve posted some magnetic poetry. 😉


wpid-img_20151104_173558569.jpgfools we were

and where every word

was brilliant

in the universe of desire

lived the magic we never had

Magnetic Poetry: “Poetry”

I’m getting this out a bit later than I wanted…ack! Hope it finds its way to you guys…



sacred words

clouds like candy

green coffee

and ice breezes


we explore more than some

every naked thought

open to each of us


and we listen

to life’s joys

and sad times

Magnetic Poetry: ‘Rainy Day’

It’s raining cats and dogs here in upstate New York this Sunday evening. I cracked the window just so I could hear the patter of the rain outside, because the sound is so relaxing, but then a spider decided to crawl its way down the screen and freak me out, so that quickly ended! But it reminded me of this poem I started last night. It’s been a while for some magnetic poetry, but I am proud the way this one came out. Happy Sunday everyone. 🙂 Let’s hope its a good week for all of us! Rain, or shine.

Rainy Day

wpid-img_20150614_181906805.jpgClouds bring liquid mornings

like oceans

like blue sky

like joy

and the soft breath

of steam to my lips