Silly Haikus and Pain Meds

Sore, hurt, shoulder pain

I wonder what will happen,

at work tomorrow…


Bones ache, and head dreams

of something soft and fluffy

flying clouds and pain


If I were a cloud

and you were something tasty

I’d eat you for lunch


sick and eating junk

they don’t taste like pills I know

sleepy drunk pain meds

I strained a muscle in my back/shoulder region on Wednesday, so today was spent in a sleepy drunk stupor…never taken those muscle relaxers before. Boy, do they make for an interesting time. Thought I’d try to express it in some haikus tonight.

Happy Writing!

Haiku: “Margarita Thursday”

Today was kind of an awful day. I was grumpy and tired all day, and on top of that, found out I had to work the weekend too. Which is why me and the honey went to applebees, where I had mashed potatoes, steak and a lovely, perfect margarita which tasted like zen on my tongue, salt in my mouth and fun in my soul. (I may be a little tipsy still.) But, regardless, I think everyday should be Margarita day.

Margarita-newMargarita Thursday

olives, salt and sugar

the perfect margarita

washing away stress

Another thought I had the other day: The good thing about being a writer is that no matter where you are, you can be somewhere else if you want to…(just something to think about.)

Happy Writing people! Thank God, tomorrow is Friday!