Poem: Reality

Back to the Monday grind

no energy and boredom

think I might lose my mind

thoughts are precious, hoard them


If I could be a student I would

homework, sleep ’till noon

days spent crumpled into a ball

sometimes feeling like a loon


Come the weekend it’s dance ’till dawn

throw back your head, shake your hips

feel sexy and young, not tired

see the youth in my eyes and lips


Inside, my stomach does flips


But school is not sunshine and roses

because I study doesn’t mean I’m young

homework can be as stressful as society

projects and speeches less fun


I crave the energy I had back then

When I had time to worry about stuff

when you try, and you try, and you try,

and wonder if it’s all enough


Then shot into the world a quivering

I’ll be eaten alive first day

somehow you manage to survive

you work hard to carve your way


But somewhere along you wonder

was it worth it to put aside dreams

to have money to pay the bills is your test now

and reality is more real than it seems.


Let me know what you think!

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