Poem: Freedom Never Dies

Wednesday I was angry but today I’m ready to fight! There is hope yet in the world…our voices are not gone; our passion hasn’t disappeared.

Annd if I’m not mistaken, we still live in America. It’s our very right to make our voices heard.

Remembering our Veterans on this chilly friday evening! They are the reason we have the freedom that we do!


Freedom Never Dies

You can tell me I’m not worthy

With your narrow-minded views

Use your hatred as a cover

Because you haven’t got a clue

Say I am weak because I’m a woman

Use my religion and my race

Tear me, beat me, slander –

And think you’ve put me in my place

But I’ve got eyes

And I’ve got lips

And I’ve got a voice

And it can cry:

“Give me liberty or give me death!”

Because freedom never dies.


Let me know what you think!

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