Poem: In The End; thoughts on a nation divided

In the end

the pain you feel

isn’t real

feel part of

the machine

and die

Eh, not really in the heart of poem writing tonight. The other half, Mike, told me today, “All the hateful comments online…it’s bad. I feel ashamed to be an American today.”

And I’ve felt the same way too.

The day was appropriately miserable, too, I thought; spitting rain and windy-cold, and slippery leaves all sopping wet.

I woke up to the election results this morning, and felt like I was going to puke. There are always unhappy parties on both sides, but all day, I felt sad in my soul, heartbroken that the majority of America wants to live small-mindedly.

In a way, I understand why some people chose the person that they did. I can see why they think he might be the better option, but I don’t understand how someone can ignore the facts.

This is who my country, the US of A, land of the free, home of the brave, blah, blah, blah…has chosen for their president? 

As a nation, we want someone who disrespect women, veterans, Muslims, those with disabilities, and gay and lesbians?
A person who hasn’t even held a political office? A person who has no experience in the political world?

I feel like we’ve just asked the bus driver to perform open heart surgery on us. Sure, go ahead. It’s okay if you mess up.

I feel like today was a day of mourning. All day I’ve silently mourned the America that we’ve lost. I have no respect for this man, this person who is supposed to be president?

#MakeAmericaGreatAgain? More like:

#YouDoneFuckedUp  #MillenialsAreFuckedForGoodNow  #ThankYouBabyBoomers  #WelcomeToThe1950s

I am so upset and sad for my generation…if things weren’t hard for us now, what does our future look like now with this man in charge?? Do people seriously think a man who has gone bankrupt four times before, has scammed people, and doesn’t pay taxes is going to make any good changes? Like, WTF, people?


(Eh, I feel better now. But totally believe that my generation is fucked now. Why did we ever believe anyone was going to change anything for us? I’m going to bed, but needed to get this off my chest. Things are all messed up now. Is it too late to move to Canada?  😦


Let me know what you think!

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