Poem: Be Aggressive

it’s not in my nature

to be aggressive

I am shy

I am compassionate

I am that friend to listen

to lean on

you tell me your weaknesses

I don’t pounce

or take advantage

It’s not in me to manipulate


But when it comes to a job

employers want the assholes,

the people who go out of their way

to be the know-it-alls

the spiders and snakes in this world


they don’t hire the mice,

the things to be trodden underfoot


they don’t know that underneath this timidness

is a loyalty

which surpasses

everything they’ve ever dreamed of

a finality

a getting things done


I am that smoldering lake of lava, slowly simmering

But I pack a punch in a big way.

Let me know what you think!

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