Poem: All Things Are Possible

I received some bad news today, so been feeling a little down. Went for a walk near my house and came upon this sight. I guess you can say I was touched. I don’t often write about my faith…but I guess I should more.

img_20161014_182514950_hdr.jpgI might have had a bad day

the water silences my thoughts

For who dares to interrupt

God’s symphony?


The stage is even decorated

Fall’s last hurrah

something alive stirs in my chest

not quite joy, not quite sadness

This is the joy beyond joys

This is God telling me,

“And this, too, shall pass.”


Some will say it’s the universe

growing old, continuing on

But I say, God’s voice is in the water


His eyes are in the trees

His warmth is in the breath of wind

nestled against my cheek


“I am the great I AM,” he said.

“And nothing is impossible through me.”





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