Poem: When Old Times Become New 

Had a great time visiting with family this weekend, but it’s still hard knowing that my Grandma is gone and things will never be like they were.

I have never liked change and it breaks my heart knowing that time passes and people move on and we will keep changing without her…and there is nothing I can do about that. 

I often write poetry to sort my own thoughts out. Here’s something I wrote last night.
Family visiting

Played pinochle

Feels normal

Like old times

But there’s a voice

Missing from the room
And it’s a large voice

Laughter and a flash

Of eyes full of mischief

Light glinting off 

Pair of large glasses

Do I remember the sound

Of the voice those glasses

Belong too?

Or is that why I’m sad?

The heart rebels when 

Life moves on and family grows up

We’ve only got eachother now

But man that house seems quiet

With one less voice

Filling up the room


Let me know what you think!

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