Poem: Connection Lost

Why is it when you try so hard to reach someone
You fail
Signals off
Or wasn’t really there in the first place

Here I am
Or used to be
Clock ticking on the wall
Ready to fall
Off into oblivion

Everyone growing old
And growing up
they are strangers
You’ll say, “hello”
They’ll say, “goodbye”
And next thing you know
You’re thinking about the gap
Of where the conversations supposed to be

Maybe that’s why I stopped trying
Results never worth the effort
Awkward attempts
Are disastrous goodbyes
Maybe next you’ll be wondering why
Good friends are so hard to make

Its never like the movies
The rain falls like heartbreak
But usually it just gets the streets wet

Then you’re walking alone
And wiping away tears
that feel like lost chances

The ‘what ifs’
are the ones you can never take back

Mm. Feeling kind of melancholy tonight… If u couldn’t tell. Got caught up in a marathon of Shameless, and now I regret not getting things done. Like, writing for one. But that’s not all. Sometimes its so hard to connect with people…struggled with it all my life. Maybe some of you fellow writers/introverts will understand. But it makes me sad sometimes.

Otherwise, hope everyone is having a great night! Happy writing!


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