Poem: Apocalypse

I don’t write as often as I should
Lies are told and morning comes
Some days, its not just ‘all right’

Get your coffee and corruption
Truth bleeds through your TV set
Big Brother knows and shows
What it can, when it can
And we believe, the f**ckheads

Soon, it’ll be WWIII
and gas and war without the Nazi’s
Soon we’ll die and succumb
Always under everyones thumb

Dark days are coming you know
Can’t you just feel the cold?
Big Brother tells us what to feel
And it’ll snow, and snow, and snow…

***Not sure where this one came from this morning. But certainly sick of the influence the media has on the world nowadays. They tell us who to vote for, who to believe in; because we aren’t shown everything… Only what the media thinks we should hear. When did we become so ‘generalized?’ When did we stop thinking for ourselves?


Let me know what you think!

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