Poem: Work

Bah, bad day at work today. Came home and ate some chocolate chip cookies and now thinking of taking a nap. Life’s a dream sometimes, isn’t?
We merely survive half the time, but whatever happened to living? I think most Americans have forgotten how to live. We are so wrapped up in everything that’s going on in the world, in technology, in the next big fad that we forget to look at what’s right under our noses.


There are dead souls
In the break room
I can practically hear
The shrieking
Cue the suspenseful
Horror music
And the blood
Dripping down
the walls

That there’s boredom
And people’s lives
Ebbing away
Can’t you just
Hear the monotony?

This one’s dead
And that one dying
And who the f**k
Gives a crap anyway?

Hear them whisper:

No one
No one
No one


Let me know what you think!

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