Trouble Finishing Projects?

Good Morning World!


View of Cayuga lake on our most recent adventure. 🙂

This morning is bright and sunny and I am happy about that. I feel like we went straight into summer this year, with spring long forgotten in this eighty degree weather, but I am okay with that, too.

I was having a thought the other day…which ties in well to this blog post, really, as I never put those thoughts into action; never completed what I intended to…

Do you guys have trouble finishing a project like I do?

Seems like the more I get older, the more my mind is racing to the next thing; the next idea, the next book, the next writing project. I will spend a good portion of time working on one story, and then zip…its off to the next one.

Even when I read a book, I can’t seem to focus on just one. I’ll get halfway through something, and if it isn’t grabbing my attention like I want it to, I’m off to something else, and I’ll occasionally go back and forth between two books at the same time, which I never did before.

And why do I have like ten different writing projects, and can’t focus on just one?

Is there something wrong with me? Or do you think some people’s minds are happiest working on more than one thing at once…like those people who take a bite of everything on their plate and will finish a meal like that. I used to eat all my mashed potatoes at once!

Well, did a little googling to see if there are some answers to my ‘chronic procrastination’ as some people call it, and it comes down to this:

That same old writer’s fear.

Some people don’t finish things because they are afraid of the outcome. What if it isn’t perfect? How can it ever measure up to how I imagine it?

The way some people counteract this is that they encourage people to stop thinking so much. Hmm. Knock it off, self!

Quit trying to see the big picture, and think of the here and now. One step at a time. One chapter, one plot, one character at a time. Keep in mind that these components of a story are all adding up to something, but stop expecting it to happen over night, geez!

Will I ever stop doubting myself?

What do you guys think? Ever have trouble finishing things like me?

Happy Writing! (or in my case, procrastinating!)

2 thoughts on “Trouble Finishing Projects?

  1. I think that for me, the reason I have several things started is because I get bogged down on an area of the writing. Basically, I get frustrated about something in the story that I can’t write my way out of, so I immediately want to set it aside and work on something that flows more easily onto the page.

    I’ve noticed that this road block usually happens right in the middle of a work in progress. The only thing to do is keep writing even though I don’t want to. I find I do more free writing when this happens as a way to clear out my head. Eventually, I’ll write a sentence I like, or an idea will come to me and I’ll be back on track. If I put my work away and let it “rest” for more than a few days, I won’t go back to it for months or even longer because I know there’s an issue I have to deal with. It’s sad to admit, but I am a master at avoidance.

    • Hmm…I think this is what happens to me, too. Except I don’t power through like I should. Thanks for the insight! I need to just keep writing, even when I get frustrated and start doubting myself.

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