Game of Thrones Season 6 episode 1 Review: The Red Woman

***Obviously, spoilers ahead! You have been warned!

game-of-thrones-season-6-melisandre-750x522-1456178589Well, that was kind of anti-climatic. I thought with all the hype about Jon Snow’s death, the writers would cut to the chase – now we will finally know the fate of Jon Snow – well, not so much in this episode!

Arya is still blind and struggling to cope with her new affliction, especially when the waif comes to beat her up, expecting Arya to fight her blind. She leaves with the threat that she will be there again the next day.

aryaOne story line that did bring us some satisfaction was Sansa’s. Her and Theon struggle to escape Ramsay’s hounds, and are captured by his men; only to be rescued, (thankfully) by Brienne of Tarth and Pod. Finally something good to happen for the two!

After her shameful walk through the streets, Cersei is excited when she hears of Myrcella’s return, but the expression on Jaime’s face tells all: the young princess is dead. They grieve together, and Jaime convinces her that its only up to them now, who cares about anybody else.

Tyrion looks comfortable in a role that is familiar to him. He and Varys walk the streets of Meereen, trying to see what needs to be done for the city. They both notice that the attitude towards Dany has changed somewhat towards the negative, and there is a bit of humor when Tyrion’s poor Valyrian makes some lady think that he wants to eat her baby.

Jorah and Daario muse over how they both love Dany, and we get another glimpse at Jorah’s greyscale afflicted arm. They find the token she dropped in the grass and conclude (obviously) that she has been taken.


Meanwhile, Dany is brought before the Khal of the Dothraki horde. They make jokes at her expense, most of them wanting to sleep with her, until she can’t take it anymore. In Dothraki, she tells them who she is, and after learning that she is a widow of a Khal, she is reassured that no one will bring her harm. However, she should be in Vaes Dothrak with the other widows and they seem intent on making sure she gets there.

Margaery is still imprisoned until she confesses her sins. She tells the high sparrow that she has nothing to confess, who says that she is getting there but still has a long way to go.

In Dorne, Ellaria Sand, and the Sandsnakes murder Doran Martell and his son, Trystane, and are determined that Dorne will no longer be ruled by “weak men.” Finally, we get to see more of these strong, sexy women!

Although, the first episode wasn’t lacking in action; there wasn’t much done to the story line that has been keeping everyone hyped up for most of the year. Jon Snow is still very much dead. Davos and a few of the men who are loyal to Snow, barricade themselves in a room away from the traitors.

Meanwhile, in the next room Melisandre is stripping naked. Does she never miss an opportunity to get naked? Anyway, one minute she is looking into the mirror and then flash, there is an old woman in her place. And she is ancient; white-haired, pale and droopy all over. At first, I thought a white-walker had taken her place, but it seems the big secret is that the Red Woman is very, very old.

My Thoughts?

It seems like they are setting up the next episode to be some kind of rising…although she seems to have lost some confidence in herself, I do believe that Melisandre does have the power to bring Jon Snow back.

I was a bit frustrated with this episode. I wanted to see him wake right away, but they are going to make us wait some more, apparently! Other that, I thought it was a pretty solid episode.

It will be nice to finally see Bran’s story, again, and I love the hopeful note in Sansa’s story now. Will we finally get to see Ramsay Bolton’s death in this season? God, I hope so!

What were your thoughts on last Sunday’s episode? Did you like it? What do you think will happen next?


9 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 6 episode 1 Review: The Red Woman

  1. Most likely, Melisandre will sacrifice herself and give her death cheating necklace to Jon Snow.

    I wonder if they will address the fact that she has been seen without it (or uh anything else) on before or will this be considered a trivial point that only super nerds would care about?

    • Oh, you know I never thought about her necklace! I thought it was just her power fading, revealing her true age as she looses confidence in herself…but it makes sense. Who knows…I hope the show continues to remain strong, even though its deviated so much from the books now. The writers should know by now that we Game of Thrones fans pay close attention to those trivial type of things. 😛

      • It was a very strong episode for a 6th season of a show. There were one or two times last year I wondered if it was on the decline but it is definitely back.

      • Yes, definitely like the way most of the characters stories are going. Loved that we saw more of the Sandsnakes as well. Seemed like you didn’t get to see much of them last season, which was a shame.

      • Mixed feelings about that one. I get why they hate the Lannisters given what they let the Mountain do but then again Oberyn did enter a duel and lost by uh bragging too early.

      • That’s true. I liked Oberyn, though. Be interesting to see if it develops into outright war between the two. I imagine it probably will.

    • I have a feeling that instead of just giving Lord Snow the necklace, she’ll take the magic from it and use it to revive him. As it is now, the necklace just keeps the wearer young and virile so it wouldn’t really work on something that is already dead. This is just a theory, though.

      • I think that sounds plausible… Certainly going do some kind of magic anyhow, but why couldn’t they just do it on Sunday? Now we got to wait! :p

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