What do you do when a book lets you down?

Heading to bed here in a few and I thought I would pose this question to you guys. Some friends and I at work were talking about books today (as we often do,) and I had to have a laugh when one of my friends described a book that she recently read, and how horrible she thought the main character was, so vapid, predictable and uninteresting.

She sounded so offended and disgusted by how much the book had let her down, that I had to chuckle. And then I thought about it and I had read a book recently that made me feel the same way: The Wolf Gift, by Anne Rice.

I remember how many expectations I had for the book…how kind of appalled and disgusted I was when it was such a let down. Especially since I know that her other books were great. The descriptions in some of the narrative…Anyway…

Why are we like that? Do we expect too much from our favorite authors? Or is trying out a new book kind of like entering into a contract of sorts…you feel obligated to see the relationship through, but if it doesn’t deliver? What a waste!  (So I suppose such disgust and aggravation is understandable then, huh?)

Do you get angry? Do you see it through? Or do you move on to the next book in your reading list? Life is too short!

What are your guys thoughts?

Hope you guys have a great night! Happy Writing!


2 thoughts on “What do you do when a book lets you down?

  1. Sometimes I get mad when I expect a book to follow a certain.plotline and something changes such as a main character whom you like a lot, is killed off. For instance, in Allegiant in the end of the Divergent Series. I literally cried at the end of that book 😦 If the book sucks, I don’t finish it. If it’s a book I know I just don’t like at the moment because I’m not in the mood for, I set it aside for a bit. Usually, later I think it’s fantastic. Great post!

    • Thanks! I usually can’t see things through if I don’t like it either… I feel like I’d be wasting precious time that I could use towards reading something better!

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