Poem: The Sunday Night Blues

Wrote this poem a few nights ago, inspired by the post I wrote a few weeks ago with the same name. It kind of feels like a song, actually. This is just a bunch of silliness. 😛 Hope you guys had a great Valentine’s Day!

The Sunday Night Blues

Feeling the Sunday night blues

don’t you

feeling that aching, shaking feeling

of a Monday come new


It crawls into your coffee cup

it labors and delays

It’s the groan you have when you wake up

it gets into your way


And if you try to hurry

the blues will get you down

you cannot run, you can’t escape

A constant dragging frown


It’s the Sunday night blues that’ll eat you up

that continue on Monday

it’ll crawl into your coffee cup

and delay, delay, delay


Let me know what you think!

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