My Plot Points are too Weak?

I’m actually sitting down to work on the plot for one of my stories tonight. Woo! This is progress!

However, I have a few questions. How do you know when your plot points are too weak? This is my problem:

I’ll sit down to write out a few scenes or scenarios for an outline, and suddenly doubt creeps in the further I get into the story. Suddenly, I’m filled with doubt and questioning my motives and my characters motives: would someone really do that? Am I going overboard with my character’s emotions?

So of course, turned to google for some answers. I found my answer here, on this blog, who uses J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone as an example of a book that has great plot points; which makes for a compelling story as well as evokes an emotional reaction in its readers. (I mean kudos already goes to this blogger who references my hero, J.K. Rowling.)

I guess the important thing to note here, when it comes to plot writing, is to make sure that your character is influenced emotionally, (so emotion is great!) you want your character to change/face some obstacle in someway, but you also want your story to resonate in the mind of your readers. Huh.

Not too difficult I should think? Right? Do you guys have any insight on how you go about plotting your stories?

Happy Writing everyone!



2 thoughts on “My Plot Points are too Weak?

  1. I tend to not plot my stories so much as watch my character’s reactions unfold — which is very, very different from a friend of mine, who knows in advance every action his characters will take. He approaches writing from a very structural stand point whereas I approach it from a psychological stand point: knowing what I know about this character, what is the next logical step for him or her to take? Which I think is more or less what you’re talking about — letting the character drive the plot rather than the plot driving the character.

    • I like how you worded that…letting the character drive the story, which makes much more sense to me! I guess I am very much a character writer, I tend to work them out before anything. Its funny that you mentioned a friend who plots everything… I have a friend who is like that too. When we did nanowrimo this year, she made me feel so unprepared compared to her pages of outline she had for her story. I appreciate your insight, though, sometimes I don’t seem to understand the simplest things until it is explained in a certain way! I guess I am also a visual writer, too. :p Happy writing!

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