Lazy Sunday Sunshine and Writing

wpid-wp-1429141260673.jpegI think my favorite part of Sundays is waking up when the sun is shining (if it is shining) and basking in the warmth and appreciating God’s gift of life, of love, and comfort, by celebrating it with the one way I know how: by enjoying it!

(And I might note that the above paragraph took me like 5 minutes longer to write then it should have, oh boy!)

I also made me a smoothie this morning, a nice orangey-mango concoction, which I hope will kick-start these missing brain cells and make me feel like I am eating healthier, although I am probably going to eat some leftover pasta for lunch here in a minute.

Not much new going on with me….excited about getting money back for taxes.(Money! What is this money you speak of? What is that?)

I’ve also been trying to work more and more on one of my stories. The story is my science-fiction/fantasy/steam-punk/young adult/dystopian novel, which I hope I can eventually get a rough draft done for it this year. I haven’t quite narrowed it down yet. Can you tell? šŸ˜‰

This was a story I started back in college, and its taking me a long time to develop the characters, the world, and the plot. (I am still working on all three of these things!)

The point: everyone has their own way of discovering things for their story and their writing, and I am happy that I am slowly finding mine. Slowly but surely. It seems that the majority of my brainstorming and story planning comes from the visual. I’ll write a scene, I’ll type up a character interview, and see what works best from there.

In order for me to see it, I have to write it and what a great way to discover what works and what doesn’t.

(Also, try interviewing your characters if you are having trouble getting to know them. I find that my characters tend to be very mouthy when you ask them questions that make them uncomfortable.)

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Happy writing!


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