The Sunday Night Blues

Definitely feeling those Sunday night blues, tonight. And if you are slaves to the Monday through Friday work week like me, you all know what I mean.

This weekend was a great weekend, though. Don’t have any money, but still managed to relax, play some games, have a few drinks, watch some shows, and do absolutely nothing…which is what I meant to do.

But after a tipsy Saturday night, you wake up late on Sunday, and you realize with a sudden sinking feeling that you know Sunday morning is going to fly by, and at 5pm, you’re making dinner, and then it is 8:30pm, and you are dreading work the next morning and the coming week.

Why isn’t there any more holidays left?

Most of the time, I try to distract myself from the thoughts of Monday morning. I get on my computer, listen to music, I write, I do everything but clean (which is probably something that needs doing,) but with only a few hours of freedom left, why would I waste them doing something like cleaning?

100_1427God, I wish I was just on one big year-long vacation, don’t you?

Anyone win the lottery, yet? I wish I would! Then, I wouldn’t have to go to work tomorrow morning…

What do you guys do to keep away the Sunday night blues? Or maybe another day of the week is your ‘Sunday?’

I think I plan on getting a cup of tea, maybe take a bath, and read a good book. Only thing left to do is just to rest while I can, and then face the coming morning. (Sigh.)

Hope everyone has a great week!


One thought on “The Sunday Night Blues

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