Saturday Musings: Loving Music and Living Life

Today is a lazy day. Cleaning up the apartment a little bit, and I always have some kind of musical on while I’m doing this. Sometimes I just listen to music, but sometimes I want to take a break in between dishes and that’s what the movie is for. 😛 Yes, I know. I’m such a cheat, haha.

Today I watched/listened to Frozen and Moulin Rouge.

I guess the point of this post is I didn’t realize how much I use music on a day-to-day basis. I’m not a singer or performer, I’m a writer. I can sing, but not Idina Menzel singing…I did my time in high school choir.

But the thing I love about music is how freeing it is. I use it as a way to keep me grounded. It is my anxiety medicine when things are feeling too claustrophobic, it is my story inspiration, it is my background noise when the silence feels threatening.

When I am driving, the radio is always on; at work, when I listen to music on my mp3 player, I type faster.

Music makes my world go round.

It is so comforting to hear voices lifted up in song, to hear emotion and love put into words. And there are songs about everything. Love, angst, anger, hate, suffering…the list goes on and on.

Mike, (the other half) doesn’t listen to music like I do. Sure, he’ll watch a movie with a great soundtrack, and most of his video games have music of their own. But having the radio or pandora on all the time isn’t a requirement in his life, and I wonder why this is?

Why does music affect us so? Why do some people feel the need to lose themselves in the rhythm and crooning of a great pop song? And others don’t?

I guess the one reason I can think of is because even music has great writing, too. And a lot of good songs tell a story.

Right now, I’ve been currently obsessed with the group Pentatonix. They are an a capella group, who are very popular on youtube for their covers and rose to fame when they won the show the Sing Off. Anyway, group of talented individuals these ones, whose a capella arrangements bring me back to my choir days.

What do you guys think? Do you love music like I do? Any of your characters have their own theme song?

Happy Saturday everyone!

Let me know what you think!

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