Poem: “Big Picture”

In a painting I bought grandma

there stands a white and gray crane

in the middle of an orangey-brown swamp


Above the tree line,

white clouds arc across a blue sky

first, large, white and fluffy

then small in the distance

no more than a memory


I am that broken record

remembering memories in an old picture



how often she stood

in the middle of everything

solitary and sturdy

the mother of all cranes


Now all that’s left

is a painting I’d given her

Does she stand alone still?

Does her strong, regal head turn

to look down that skyline?


Maybe so


Or, she is the skyline

the water, the leaves, the trees


In death,

a lonely bird can transcend time

In life,

she sits and waits


What does it mean to fly?


her audience mourns her regal precession

not realizing that life

really is just one big intermission

the real show happens after


But I am a fool

sadness breaks

and I yearn for an encore

without the crane in the painting

the picture collapses



One thought on “Poem: “Big Picture”

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