Poem: “Baseball Memories”

If I could pick a moment

this would be it

smell of beer

shiny, blue wooden seats

smell of popcorn and


A clean hit to left field

Aw, base runner out at first

the crowd goes wild


Your hand in mine

I grin even as my heart aches

This place reminds me of Grandma

I can see her wide grin

the way she bounced in her seat

to every little song between innings


Suddenly, I want to laugh and cry

and when the sky bursts with color

I look back at your face

My arm around my favorite niece,

Your eyes on mine

Eyes dark, as the sky riots with light

And I know now I want to cry


Embraced by the ones I love

I am that sky coming apart in flashes and sparkles

trying to hold back the tears

feeling so whole I just can’t take it

and then it’s over

I am an echo of happiness, of sadness

But I am something else, too


One thought on “Poem: “Baseball Memories”

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