Poem: “Refreshed”

We went to a local state park around here to cool off tonight. It’s a rather large park, with trails, a lake and camping area. I had a nice time cooling off in the lake, although my boyfriend, let’s call him “Mike,” only dipped his feet in. The wuss. (I’m sure people aren’t the only ones to pee in that lake.)

Anyway, got some writing in before the bugs started biting and it was just nice to get away from it all. I forget sometimes how much I really miss the quiet country evenings from my childhood. So nice to get way and relax after a stressful day at work.



Water rushing

like the sound of the wind

in the trees.

Makes me want to settle

on a blanket

in the warm grass.

People splash in the lake


Heart rock! I rock you…babe. Tehehe.

children laugh and play

Yeah, this is just what I needed.

What a perfect end,

to a not-so perfect day.

Just a few pics I took today…and then:

wpid-img_20150728_195502644_hdr.jpgAll good things must come to an end.

Happy Writing! Hope everyone has a great night!



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