Poem: “Summer”

I was home this weekend at Mom and Dad’s – they live up in the country and you forget how quiet and peaceful it can be once you’ve been away from it all for a while. You forget how much the crickets, the wind in the trees, the flash of lightning bugs can be your night-time symphony. I wrote this one last night, just reminiscing.

Source: fstoppers.com

Source: fstoppers.com


People say there is something

about the way light shines across crystal

across diamonds, too


But there is really something to be said

about thousands of lightning bugs

on a warm June night

that makes the world glitter and take a deep breath


These are the diamonds of the mid-night summer

these gems of remembrance

these flashes of yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Poem: “Summer”

  1. That’s a gorgeous picture to go with your lovely poem, Amanda. Our granddaughter will be here in two weeks, and that is one of the things she looks forward to – catching fireflies and letting them go in the morning (after they brightened her room at night).

    • I love fireflies, they are one of my favorite things of summer. Your granddaughter sounds like me as kid, I was always trying to catch some! I’m glad you liked the poem, the picture wasn’t mine, though it is very pretty. 🙂

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