Poem: “For Grandma”

My family and I lost someone very special to us this month; my grandma of 88 years, passed away Friday, May 8th. While words don’t really do her justice – (I’ve never had this problem before!) It certainly doesn’t hurt to try.

So, I wrote a poem to honor her, which I read at her memorial service. Afterwards, everyone came up and told me how great it was, how “perfect” it was and fitting for her. But inside I felt empty. A part of me was pleased that everyone liked it, but I didn’t feel like I deserved it; it wasn’t good enough, it didn’t feel complete. But I think it was because, in this case, words can never really express how someone was in life, how much they mean to you, how much you ache and feel sorrow because they are gone.

I think there comes a time (even for a writer) when words just aren’t enough. No matter how much you try. Regardless, my grandma was a beautiful woman inside and out…and I did it to honor her.

grandma rose

(Or if you click on my beautiful picture you can see a larger image and read the poem there.)

It reads:

The woman who loved the color purple

had laughter on her lips


and everywhere she walked and talked

there was a purpose to her quips


She was always there to lend an ear

no judgement in her mind


She was always there for everyone

hard-working, mischievous and kind


The woman who loved to laugh and camp

had compassion in her eyes


She didn’t have to do everything

but by golly, she did try!


She was a woman of many names

and as busy as can be


But no matter what you called her

she was always “Grandma” to me.








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