Poem: “Mental Health Day”

She shows up to work with a purple eye

“Car accident,” she says and prods gingerly at her cheek

“Someone rear-ended me, didn’t notice the stop sign.”

Didn’t notice me.


But her friends at work notice

“She must be a terrible driver

to have so many car accidents,” someone says

“Terribly unlucky,” I say.

Unlucky in love, we all think.


“I was pretty shaken up,” she says

and rubs her right shoulder

There’s a bruise there that we can’t see

But no one can truly hide the bruises on their face


“I just needed a mental health day, you know.”

And she smiles a weak smile, winces as she shrugs

that bruised shoulder, and she looks at us

No, through us, searching. With eyes that see and see

but never land

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