Poem: “Monday Blues”

Today was…a disappointment
Monday yawned and stretched
And I with it
Maybe a quarter of a minute behind

Talked to a manager about bereavement
Five days with no pay, she said
Because you’re not full time
And you’re not full pay, and you work overtime
And overtime… With no benefits

Then it hits me all at once
Someone is dying you know
And you are sitting at work
Typing out someone else’s
Life disappointments
And you should be living
And remembering
And visiting not dying yourself
At a slow, data filled death

A few words, a comforting smile
And everything’s alright
But boy, they don’t know how fake it is
How your “allergies” are really tears
Running down your face

And everywhere is just aching, aching, aching
And there’s no benefits to living with a hole
You can’t fill


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