Poem: “Springtime”

This week has seen me exhausted, suffice to say I didn’t get much done, and I went home Thursday from work sick. Friday was a sick day, and I accidentally got a three-day weekend because of it. But for most of the past two days, I have been going from the couch to the bed, to book, to computer and wondering when I’ll get my energy back.

Figures! I wait till Springtime to get sick. Anyway, I’ve been trying to write some flash fiction on here, (as usually) I see myself more of a fiction writer; but I think I’ve tapped into that long-lost poet inside me, because lately, these little, silly, ditties just seem to pop out. I call this one, “Springtime”  I hope you enjoy!



Oh my Goodness, can it be?

Am I really hanging up my winter coat?

Snow and ice are long forgotten

worthy of neither thought or note

It’s time for Spring

and green, green days

and birds that chirp on the windowsill

When have you ever seen a bird do that?

instead of fly and twirl at will?

Birds are lonesome, free, free things

Sometimes I wish I could be one

To sit on a branch and sing all day,

what venture could be even more fun?

But birds they fly and breach the world

sometimes going farther than they should

But it’s okay, they pull back

to wind, to sky, to sun, to woods

What a lonely thought to be a bird

to fly and fly and never land

the spring is fun, the sun is too

But I think, I know, I wouldn’t want to be…

(I’d just as soon have hands.)


Let me know what you think!

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