Why MasterChef Jr. Is the Best Cooking Show on TV

I was going to write up my own review, but this one is about what I was going to say, anyway! And better said, too! I want to add though, that I thought last season felt more staged. It was definitely more dramatized – whether or not on purpose, I don’t really want to think about that too much, but at any rate, I was very happy to see “Big Al” return and offer his advice to this new season’s batch of kids!


One of the first things I thought when I first heard about MasterChef Jr. last year was: Why would so many kids, as young as 8 years old, want so badly to work in the kitchen? (Corollary question: And how do I get my own kids to do it?)

The question, really, is: Why wouldn’t they? It appeals to nearly every desire a kid could have. Forget the simple fact that food is delicious. Cooking allows a kid competency and power on the same level as adults–really, if you look at our country’s meal habits, well beyond that of your average adult.

If you’re an adult, even if you don’t do it for a living, you probably regard cooking as a job. But what is it really? It’s science. It’s the study of the transformation of matter. You heat an egg and it becomes solid. You use a whisk to…

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