“Parent,” a poem by me

Author’s note: 

I don’t often write poetry, but when I do it is pure emotion, and not usually edited like I would my short stories, or chapters in a novel. Just thought I would share something a little different on here.

I think writing poetry is good for all fiction writers, as it reminds us how important those sensory details are and to remind us that words have to look and sound good, too. Referring to my week of inspiration posts: Poetry is something that inspires me, as well.



that’s what I am to you

although I see some of myself in your eyes


We are not of great height

our hands our small,

our waists are petite


I think sometimes people look at height

as the measure of someone’s worth


If you are closer to heaven…are you more in favor of God?

But we have tall hearts and sound minds

And eyes as blue as a crystal sea


Do you think I don’t notice when they turn to grey?

When they are stormy

Or the way they have clouded with age


I forever wanted to have smooth sailing as a child

would look in the mirror and ask you if I was pretty

I felt ordinary and insignificant and never realized

that’s a shadow you’ve been trying to get out from under

your whole life, too.


Like you, I am a mystery

not easily defined in an essential whole

We are pieces of a puzzle you and I


Our hearts are vulnerable

we care deeply and are quick to judge

God is someone great and loving and terrible

You understand him better than I


Maybe that’s the difference really

to have a parent who claims to have created the world

Well, my mother makes jams and jellies

I think that’s the difference really

Of you and I


There’s got to be trust and I feel like that shadow

you’ve been trying to get out from under

your whole life, too


Let me know what you think!

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