Funky Dreams, Inspiration and Writing

This week is a week of inspiration for me…and another inspiration is dreams. I get a lot of inspiration from dreams, as they are basically stories that the brain invents all by itself while you are sleeping.

44432_girl_sleep_lgThis morning I woke up at 4am with the knowledge that I had the best dream EVER, and despite me writing down as much as I could, it still seemed like a whole lot of nothing. I could barely remember anything.

All I do remember is that I was at a friend’s house staying the night, I made out with one of my girlfriends, (we have been watching a lot of Orange is the New Black lately), we sang a song, there was food and candles lit, I went somewhere with my boyfriend. I was working out on an exercise machine, doing pull ups. Then the dream switches to me being on a slide with my friends, we were poling on a raft through a river of dead bodies, then there was this waterfall drop, I was too scared to go so I jumped off the raft to the side.

dower2_0121205Just as I’m about to go down the shoot, some arms and legs emerge from a grate and a man appears with a gun and a bunch of soggy money clutched in his hand, he tries to shoot me and the dream changes again…I remember a story within a story, a love story I eventually tell to someone and my amazing heroics. (Apparently I could control water.) I remember a large grassy hill and a yellow mansion on the hill. I remember writing names on a mirror in pink paint or lipstick; someone scoffing and saying they definitely weren’t the best couple ever. I remember I dreamed up a night’s worth of actions in two hours.

Although I couldn’t remember everything, what IS clear is the emotions. I felt hopeful, triumphant, amazing and invincible. Like justice was really served or true love really triumphed in the end. I felt strong and confident and young. My heart was warm, and fuzzy, I was the happiest and the most excited about life that I have been in a while.

If I had a dream about my ex-boyfriend, I wouldn’t be warm and fuzzy. No, emotions like regret and longing sometimes resurface. But it is funny how sometimes a story has the ability to influence your emotions, changes the way you feel.

That’s what I want to do someday: I want to make someone feel happy because a character is happy, I want a reader to rejoice in their triumphs. I want to write something that changes a person’s perceptive about certain things. Words are powerful. I want to shape them, make them my own and be one of the triumphant ones.

Anyway, that’s enough from me…What are your goals and inspirations? Ever have a story that was inspired about a crazy dream of yours? I’d like to hear it!

Happy Writing people!





4 thoughts on “Funky Dreams, Inspiration and Writing

  1. Truthfully, I’m a little lazy with remembering my dreams. When I make the effort to write them down upon waking, I’ll remember them almost every day, but normally, I won’t remember a thing. One time I spliced two incongruous dreams together into a single poem. The poem used the chopped language that I wrote to quickly transcribe them upon waking. It was an interesting piece. However, I haven’t really gone beyond that in applying dreams to my writing. After your post, I think I’ll definitely keep this practice in mind!

    • Hey, thanks for reading! 🙂 I have some strange dreams sometimes, haha. But it is funny sometimes how dreams can be like stories. Do you have your poem on your blog? I’d love to read it sometime.

      • You’re welcome! You know, maybe it was your post, but I had an odd dream upon waking this morning. I don’t know how literary it might be, but it was definitely interesting 🙂

        Unfortunately, I don’t have the poem on my blog. I can shoot it to you via an email, if you’d like. I wouldn’t want to post it in public, just in case I find a good fit for it in a literary magazine.

  2. Oh, I completely understand that. I’m the same way when it comes to some of my short stories. If you want you can send me your poem at the email on my contact page, or perhaps in the future we can trade works and critique them. 🙂

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