Godzilla 2014 Movie Review: The Hero of Mankind

A few weekends ago, I went and saw Godzilla in I-Max at the theater in Syracuse, NY and thought I’d give my thoughts on the remake. I almost forgot to post this, and am kicking myself for the mistake. Here’s some thoughts that I had. Spoilers ahead, people!

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After disaster strikes at a nuclear power plant in Tokyo, Japan, fifteen years later, Joe Brody, (Bryan Cranston) is still trying to find out what happened to his wife. What he and his son, Ford Brody (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) learn is that the Japanese government, led by Dr. Ichiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe) have pulled a massive cover up: a monster larva has burrowed deep in the ground over the remains of the nuclear power plant.

When the monster hatches, it attracts a mate, another monster bug, or Muto, that wreaks havoc over the Pacific and in Hawaii – Oh, and this Muto can fly. Meanwhile, the U.S. government, under Operation Monarch, have hidden the discovery of another monster: Godzilla.

Attracted by the calls of the other giant beasts, Godzilla begins hunting the Mutos, or as Dr. Ichiro Serizawa says, “to restore the balance.” But the U.S. Government believes that now isn’t the time for more “cover-ups” and instead plans to attract the Mutos and Godzilla with a large nuclear missile and then destroy them all in a massive explosion.

Naturally this doesn’t work, and the rest of the movie pits Lieutenant Ford Brody, who just happens to be a bomb specialist, against all odds as he tries to get back to his family and save the rest of the world against a bomb that could have the potential to destroy a good portion of the human race.

The compassion and the strength that is shown in Lieutenant Brody’s character and in the other soldiers that fight around him is comforting and inspiring. Where Lieutenant Ford Brody gets his strength or his drive, it is hard to fathom, but it was refreshing to see a character who goes above and beyond for the sake of others. He saves a young kid who isn’t even his own, and takes it upon himself to return the kid when he gets separated from his parents.

The Mutos mate and the female Muto gives birth to more larvae. At the risk of his own life, Brody destroys the larvae, knowing that there will be some kind of retaliation. When he and his fellow comrades are trying to get the armed missile away from the general public, Brody, who is the last survivor, just manages to drag himself onto a boat and sends himself away offshore. He knows it’s a one way stop, but he keeps going anyway. He’s doing it for the greater good.

But there is also more than one hero in this movie.

After Lieutenant Brody kills the larvae, there is a time shortly after where he is face-to-face with Godzilla. The monster has a chance to gobble him up, but instead Godzilla bows his head slightly and closes his eyes as if to say, ‘thank you,’ and then retreats back into the fog. This suggests that the Godzilla in this movie is intelligent, and aware of his surroundings, not just a monster intent on destroying his prey. It was a refreshing take on the character, and exciting even. The potential for such a character…it would be interesting to see many sequels with this Godzilla at the helm.

He destroys the Mutos and we get some epic fight scenes pitting monster against monster and earth-shattering roars and crumbling buildings. At one point, Godzilla has one of the Mutos in his clutches and pries open their mouth and with a roar, blasts his atomic fire down the throat of the monster and rips its head clear off. It was a moment where everyone in the theater cheered – something that doesn’t always happen very often when viewing a movie – that’s how much this movie picks you up and takes you for a ride.

You’ve got giant monsters destroying each other and most of the architecture around them, but you also have strong, compassionate soldiers, epic fight scenes, gigantic monsters, and a story-line that keeps moving, never lets you get bored from one scene to the next.

The movie is exciting, well written, and satisfying!

(Oh, and In I-max, the sounds cannot compare and if you have a chance to see the movie in I-Max…I say go for it! It was awesome!)

I tried to think of something that I didn’t like about the movie, and I really couldn’t – the only thing really, was that I wanted to see more of the movie, more monsters and more fight scenes. I really enjoyed that they gave this Godzilla more of a character, instead of just a mindless killing machine. I thought it gave more meaning to the movie.

Were you able to see Godzilla? What did you think? Thoughts below if you got them!







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