Spring is finally here!!

Well, it’s already April and I realize its been almost a month since I posted last! Holy crap! Where does the time go?

Thought I take this lazy time on a Saturday night to do a quick update. Tired myself cleaning and doing errands today, so naturally it is time to relax, get on facebook, and write (theoretically). :p


Me in Tampa, leaning against a palm tree. (From my trip earlier this winter.) I kinda wish I was there now!

Long story short: I started a new job, which has kept me occupied for the past month or so. It pays much more than the other job I had this winter, so here’s hoping I can start saving money this summer. I am basically a Collector, so if you have defaulted on your student loans – beware! I’ll be like: Give me your money, fool! 😉

It’s great to have a job where I can start saving money, but I haven’t written anything in about a month. (sad face) This new job has taken up all my energy and my focus. I’m hoping once I know what I am doing, the stress factor will go down and I won’t be so exhausted at the end of the day. :/


More beachy scenes from pretty Tampa.

In the back of my mind though, I still dream and I still plan. My characters are still there waiting, the story still yet undiscovered. And then I remember all the short stories that I have started and have yet to finish. The short stories that I hope to see in print someday…Spring is all about new beginnings though, right?

Spring has arrived finally, even if there is still a chill in the air. And I’m thinking: Move out of the way winter, it is time for the fun stuff to happen!


Let me know what you think!

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