Vacationing in Tampa, Florida!

So I meant to post early this week to say that the reason I’ve been MIA for awhile is that I’ll be vacationing in Tampa, Florida for a week! I am here visiting some friends until Monday February 4th. Last week, I was ice skating on the pond next to my house and it was 10 degrees outside and the following week I am here in Tampa, Florida where it was at least 70 degrees today! Just wanted to share some quick photos that I thought were amusing.

Here’s the BEFORE:


     And AFTER….100_1392Haha! I am having a very good time. Happy vacationing for those who’ve decided to escape to warmer weather for a while! It has been fantastic!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Vacationing in Tampa, Florida!

  1. Lucky, lucky you!! I say this as I am ready to head upstairs to a freezing cold bedroom (we don’t heat our upstairs, and it’s 19 degrees outside). Have fun!!

    Both pictures are actually pretty wonderful, but I’m loving the blue of the second one best. 🙂

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