Can you guess what color I am?

Dusk at Binghamton University’s wildlife reserve.

It’s early morning, and I really should be sleeping, but thought I would post my latest assignment from my writing class. It really is forcing me to stretch back into that creative mold and realize just because I’ve been to a few college classes, doesn’t mean that I am the expert that I think I am – sometimes I forget that we writers can get cocky sometimes. 😉

Anywho…the assignment was to describe a color and do this in the first person. (Pretend we are essentially the color.) The bit I wrote was a broad scope of how one color can be many, but I like the phrases I got here:

I am that periwinkle color of a forgotten sweater. I am royal, I am sweet, call me what you want; pop in your mouth grapes, a plum, hanging loose from the vine. I am everything that you want to go right in your life. Find me on the highway, stripped from its owner; a scarf blowing in the breeze. A dark, bleeding sunset, a midnight sky so inky. I am velvet, I am happy beams of ambrosia, lavender, freesia. The sparkle in a raindrop, no larger than a pin-prick. Find me soaring, the color of wind, grey and regal. Find me goofy. A bulky mauve dinosaur that everyone hates. Flowers in a field of straw, choking out the other plant life. Birthed by two colors, given life from two opposites, warm, cold, light and dark.

What am I?

2 thoughts on “Can you guess what color I am?

  1. Amanda, I’m sorry I’m so behind with your blog. I can’t believe I missed this; it’s really, really lovely. You end with “What Am I?” Is there an answer? Is it purple? Or did I miss something. Such a great writing exercise. The first line is my favorite: “I am that periwinkle color of a forgotten sweater.”

    • Thanks for stopping by Maddie! (And I am soo behind on a lot of everyonesblogs lately, too! No worries!) It IS purple. 🙂 And it was a lot of fun writing it. I’d glad you liked it!

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