Once Upon a Time Review 10/14/12 – Ogres, Emma and a Parent’s Love

Well, after going on hiatus from here for a while, I’ve come back with an idea. I will now only review shows that I think are worthy of viewing. I like trying new shows and giving people a heads up on great TV and what to avoid – but this girl just doesn’t have the time. After wheedling out the shows that I think will make or break it this season, I think I will stick to my reviewing of Once Upon a Time and a new one I have high hopes for – Arrow.

That being said…Once Upon a Time certainly knows how to pull the heartstrings!

Disclaimer: Mild spoilers in this review!

Photo credit: ABC.

Sunday night’s episode of Once Upon a Time seemed to focus on this theme: a parent’s love, and what said parent may or may not do for the sake of their child.

The back story focused on Snow and Charming; and Snow meeting Charming’s mother. Lancelot makes an appearance as a knight for hire working for King George, and admits that he has fallen from grace because of a woman. All I can say is that I am relieved that they gave this Lancelot a new face and have not fallen into the cliché of making Lancelot the Casanova of the Round Table; like what we’ve seen in various movie renditions. More of his story to come, I’m sure!

Snow, Emma, Mulan and Aurora spend some quality time together in this episode and I have to say I am impressed with the way these characters are coming together. Pairing two unlikely characters (Mulan and Aurora) together was a risky business, but I am loving the comradery we are seeing between these two. They are learning and growing from each other and I love how Mulan is just the right amount of bossy and caring for the princess Aurora that we can’t help but care for her some, too.

I also love seeing Emma in a world where she is not comfortable, because it is also forcing her to grow as a character. Emma is hard to sympathize with at best because she has always been so cold. I, personally love her complexity. But in this episode we are reminded again why she is so closed off and the scenes between her and snow are much more poignant because of it.

Some other observations:

  • Regina’s joy at getting a call from Henry. We love the boy, but a woman’s heart can only be broken so many times. Once again we are left feeling sorry for the evil queen.
  • No Mr. Gold in this episode, but that’s alright. Lots of Charming, though, to make up for it!
  • King George is in the Storybrooke world, too! (Alan Dale) Lost fans will recognize him as Charles Widmore.


  • Henry’s new code phrase, “Operation Scorpion.”
  • Snow saving her daughter from the ogre.
  • Snow flipping Princess Aurora over her shoulder and telling her to get over her crap and find new ways to channel her anger. Will be interesting to see how she finds ways to do this.
  • Emma loaning the jacket to the princess, who says, “What kind of corset is this?”
  • Jefferson’s reunion with his daughter.
  • Cora, Regina’s mother. The big bad is also in the Enchanted Forest world, huh, go figure.
  • And lastly, Emma admitting her anger to Snow and her realization that she is not good at being a daughter, because she never had someone to put her first before.

This scene between Snow and Emma really moved me. (It’s also because I am a sap and get too attached to characters that I love.) But there were a few times in this episode where the tears were just at the surface. Another great example of good character development and growth. Another great episode!

Here’s a sneak peek of the next episode:

4 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time Review 10/14/12 – Ogres, Emma and a Parent’s Love

  1. I, too, felt tears just under the surface at times, although I may have actually mopped one or two when Jefferson was reunited with his daughter – and maybe in the nursery. Ok, I’m a sap, too. 🙂 I like the softer, more emotional side of Regina, and would like to see more of that – at least as long as her mother is around to be the evil queen.

    • I agree – I like that they’ve given her character this complexity where she has the capability of being good and evil and both are quite convincing. I actually felt bad for her when Henry stood her up, because she does seem to care for him. The Jefferson scene was very sweet and I admit I probably cried a bit at the end with the scene between Snow and Emma; Emma’s confusion and heartbreak was quite moving. Ah, I just love this show! Thanks for stopping by! And thanks for the follow! As Once Upon a Time is really the only show I watch lately and enjoy, I’ll be reviewing it each week. 🙂

  2. This one was definitely a great episode, thanks for the review! It’s been hard not reading all of these great reviews about the show during the week too, because I actually didn’t see this episode until earlier today on DISH Online. A few of my coworkers at DISH told me it was going to be a great episode, but I really had no idea it would be as moving, action packed and awesome as it really was. I also agree with you about Emma and Snow’s moment in the nursery, and I even found myself getting a little teary-eyed. But then again I also got teary eyed when Charming’s mother was talking to Snow about a child, and when Jefferson reunited with his daughter, so I am right there with you ladies on being a sap lol. I also really enjoyed the softer side of Regina, and am really hoping to see that stick around for at least a little while. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings! 🙂

    • Last week’s episode was great – I think that this season is actually better than the first and I am in love with the new characters that we’ve seen so far. I, too, cannot wait to see the other character’s stories. The creators sure know how to keep everyone addicted to this show! Course, being great writers helps, too! 🙂 I cried a little when Snow suggested that her and Charming get married before his mother died. It was just so sweet and so typical Snow…I loved it. Regina is an awesome character as well and I love her complexity. Thanks for the comment and thanks for stopping by! 🙂 I am so happy that it is Sunday tomorrow!

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