Revolution Review 10/8/12 – Tragic death, Nate and a Mother’s Love

***Spoiler Alert! If you have not watched Revolution’s most recent episode, I suggest you go do that now before reading this review!***

Photo credit: NBC.

Well, as my expectations for this fourth episode of Revolution weren’t great, my review tonight will be brief. Well, as brief as I can make it.

In tonight’s episode, the group gets chased by dogs as the search for Danny continues, while said brother barely escapes a storm with Captain Neville. Meanwhile, “Nate” joins the group to be “used for information” although, we know that he is just there to have sexy scenes with Charlie.

Perhaps it makes sense now why they made the “children” so old. They are required to do “adult things” in this show and apparently, no one will buy into the belief that a sixteen-year-old could kill, cross the country and rescue her brother. Although, if this were a young adult novel things would be different. Perhaps better written, too!

Anyway, tonight’s show focused on the back story of Maggie, a woman from England, who after the blackout makes an incredible journey from Seattle to try to get back to her kids. As it is impossible to get back to England, she finds a temporary happiness in the discovery of Ben and his family. Later on in the episode, Maggie is then stabbed by a random crazy man, who happens to own the “wild dogs” and who unluckily punctures an artery.

Perhaps most impressive from this episode was from actress Tracy Spiridakos and her outpouring of emotion as Charlie when Maggie dies. Miles then comes to a realization that although he is selfish and “comes up with the same crap excuses,” according to Nora, he is not all-terrible and finds some humanity left in him to comfort his niece and let her know that although he is a jackass, he will not abandon her. Shame. (I personally think that the character of Charlie shines when he is not in the picture. My opinion is it’s because they are both too strong of protagonists and essentially weaken the other.)

It was a nice to see “Nate,” our only hope for some kind of romance in this story, but through most of the episode he remains tied up and silent. He is, of course, ever faithful to a kidnapped Charlie and springs into action with convincing damsel in distress heroism. Meanwhile, we are left with the information that the reason that Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) remains Monroe’s “guest” is because she left her family to turn herself in to Miles, for whatever reason. For the guaranteed safety of her children? Who knows. I’m starting to think it’s for a sexual relationship with Monroe, who seems creepily familiar with the mother of two.

Although the death of Maggie was remarkably touching in this episode, (I have to admit there were tears) my frustration at this show remains. Charlie finally has a shining moment where she pushes aside her recent brush with death to comfort a dying Maggie, but sadly, it is not enough for me.

While the characters (the ones that are now alive that is) are not touching me at all, I had a feeling that although we discovered some information, tonight’s episode did not progress the plot very much. So, now we’ve got a slow-moving plot-line as well as bad characterization. Revolution loves to emphasize that there are many ways to die is this dystopian world, I hope they didn’t mean themselves, too?

The fact remains: as gut wrenching as this world is to watch because of all the easy deaths, harsh living, violence, etc., it’s even harder to watch when you don’t like the characters doing it. Best of luck, Revolution! I may or may not be seeing you again!


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