Hello World – You Suck

I wasn’t going to post tonight, and as it is exactly 12AM… I will not post tonight, but will say hello to tomorrow morning and hope that it does me better as soon as the sun comes up.

Well, I might have mentioned that I do not have a job. I worked for a company for about a month, and then I got a startling “You’re not working fast enough” and the company let me go. I had quit two part time jobs to work for this company full-time and suddenly I find myself out of work and on unemployment and bored as hell.

Hence, the birth of this blog. I would not have created it had I not thought, hey, now is a time to focus on the writer part of me as I apply for other jobs…

A happy cupcake I made some time ago…if I only I had one now. Another solution to stress…CHOCOLATE!!!

Well, I thought I’d take this time to express my extreme frustration in the fact that I am a college educated individual that A) seems qualified for nothing and B) cannot find anything full-time that will help me pay my bills. Sure, I can go back to retail and work for $7.75 an hour again, but I did not get a degree for nothing and I owe it to myself to try, right? (There is also the sad fact that I have the potential to make more on unemployment than if I took a part-time job working 15 hours a week. Which is what you’ll get in a lot of retail jobs.)

There’s also the sad, sad fact that I have not had health insurance since I was about 19 years old. (I am now 24.) And dammit, I want health insurance! With the right full-time, I just may get that.

Now, that I’ve whined and complained for a bit, I feel a tad better. (My poor mother, she got the brunt of it, you lucky, lucky bastards…)

And now I am going to go play a rousing game of Bloxorz and try to forget that the world sucks, and ultimately, I am a writer who is qualified for nothing. Oh, and there is the fact that the world is falling about our ears…economy…economy…economy…

I’m sure things will look better in the morning… :/  Right? Honestly, what’s the world coming to??

I can honestly understand now why someone might think that a “Revolution” might be a good idea…


Let me know what you think!

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