The Cover Page

In some of my research, I’ve discovered that some of the best ways to market yourself is through pictures, or in the case of an eBook: a great cover page!

I discovered a great video from “Jim” on who shows you how to create an eBook cover in 5 minutes under $5.00. He shows you how to go onto and purchase photos. You purchase the photos by purchasing credits and (in reality, it cost me $13.00 because you have to purchase at least 10 credits at a time.)

But it’s not a total waste, because I’m sure I’ll be purchasing more photos in the future as I intend to publish other small, eBook short stories. Those photo-savy people out there can just use their own pictures of course. (The pictures that I purchased are below.)



I decided to purchase some photos, because the pictures on fotolia are clean, good quality photos and can be used many times. Also, I didn’t have any great pictures of my own on the ready and to find ones that are already available, what a time saver!

(It’s also not very smart to go on google images and steal random photos from people as you will essentially be selling your eBook with that photo on your cover page, and yeah, that’ll just look bad if someone finds out you’re a thief.)

ANYWAY…in the video, Jim makes a very, simple cover page with one photo using Adobe Photoshop. He sets the dimensions of the photo for the requirements of a Kindle Cover, but that is an easy fix and you can adjust those dimensions accordingly to whatever format you are using.

I like Adobe Photoshop for creating the cover page because of the many things you can do with it. You can really make the cover page yours if you have the initiative. Although, I underestimated how HUGE the whole program is. Since I am poor, I opted to download a free 30 day trial of Adobe Photoshop CS6. (I took a digital art class in college a few years ago, so am somewhat familiar with Photoshop.) Little did I know, that the program would take 7 hours to download!

I’m sure those without satellite internet connection will have little trouble with the nearly 1GB program, but seriously? It was in the middle of a download last night, and windows decided to do its clever updating thing, so I’m sure I’ll have to start the download all over today. Thank you, Windows 7, thank you.

BUT, once I do get the program downloaded, I do have some ideas of what I want to do with the photos that I purchased. I picture a medallion with a blue snowflake on a cover of a smoky, snowy type landscape, with the title Dawn’s Rising in silver or gold. Huh, feels a bit Olympic doesn’t it? Anyway, here, is where the many filters of Photoshop will have an awesome effect.

Now, if only I can get technology to cooperate a little bit.


Let me know what you think!

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