Rallying to the Cause – the Marketing of Me

Here, really, is my last-ditch effort to try and create a webpage. I have tried many times (and failed) to create a blog and now I think I’ve finally found a purpose: ME. Or, *coughs* I mean, my writing.

I have decided to try and publish an Ebook. I studied Creative Writing in college and have had a love of writing (pretty much my whole life), and now I want to try and market my fiction. I’m not quite at the point where I want to send it away and have someone at a desk, (probably with a stiff, high-backed chair and wearing dark-rimmed glasses) in an important office somewhere tear my work apart…(it could be because I’m also lazy,) so I’ve decided to get a bit of writing practice in and Ebook publish some of my “less serious” works of fiction.

I call it “my warm-up story,” because at first it didn’t start off terribly original, nor did I believe it was intelligent or reflective, (in the kind of way that a lot of Young Adult fiction is) – which is what I normally write.

Well, boy was I surprised when this “warm-up” story started to write itself. It was supposed to be short, sexy, and fun…not teeming with complexity…characters that jump off the page and numerous settings and what not. Huh.

So, here is my last effort to create a blog, and ultimately – try to market this story that I’ve decided to create. It’s got a mind of its own…and I hope – a lot of potential.

Let me know what you think!

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