Poem: “Big Picture”

In a painting I bought grandma

there stands a white and gray crane

in the middle of an orangey-brown swamp


Above the tree line,

white clouds arc across a blue sky

first, large, white and fluffy

then small in the distance

no more than a memory


I am that broken record

remembering memories in an old picture



how often she stood

in the middle of everything

solitary and sturdy

the mother of all cranes


Now all that’s left

is a painting I’d given her

Does she stand alone still?

Does her strong, regal head turn

to look down that skyline?


Maybe so


Or, she is the skyline

the water, the leaves, the trees


In death,

a lonely bird can transcend time

In life,

she sits and waits


What does it mean to fly?


her audience mourns her regal precession

not realizing that life

really is just one big intermission

the real show happens after


But I am a fool

sadness breaks

and I yearn for an encore

without the crane in the painting

the picture collapses


Unique Writing Prompt: Letters of the Alphabet

wpid-img_20150901_200812317.jpgI thought this was a neat idea. I always like looking for different and unique writing prompts. I got the idea from The Pocket Muse, by Monica Wood, which I’ve had on my bookcase for about a year now. It is definitely time to use it more.

The writing prompt is this:

Pick 10 random letters from the alphabet and try to write an opening sentence with it. I came up with:


“Maybe a future guiding helicopters–” Nancy stuttered. “Erin! Your tooth!”



Veronica answered Waldorf, “Even Richling thought magic dragons killed Boarders…”

And I’m sure with a few tweaks (or many) you could possibly have something great here. Now, get to writing! (And that includes me, hah!).

Hope everyone has a great night!

Saturday Musings: Books and More Books!

wpid-img_20150829_143915630_hdr.jpgWas doing some cleaning around the apartment this afternoon, and thought I’d take a pic of all the books I collected from my bedroom.

This is just from the bedroom, people. I found books in my top dresser drawer, books on the floor, books on top of my jewelry box, and books next to my hamper. If you say I need a bookcase in my bedroom, I’d say you’d probably be right.


(Bookcase in office)

I’ve now come to the conclusion, that maybe I need a bookcase in every room, because it is clear that I love books! The top shelf of this bookcase are mostly books that I’ve purchased within the last month or so.

For all you book lovers out there, (especially young adult fiction readers) I recommend picking up An Ember in the Ashes, by Sabaa Tahir, and Maggie Steifvater’s The Raven Boys (and sequels that follow) as well as, The Scorpio Races.

Maggie Stiefvater is my favorite author, and Ember in the Ashes is a new favorite. Its got romance, an intense dystopian world and real at-risk action here.

Lately, I’ve also liked checking out non-fiction and autobiographies. I think its because its so inspiring reading real-life stories, and triumphs.

Why do I love books so much?

I think it has something to do with the fact that you can go anywhere you want and never leave your chair, or bed, or couch, or wherever you like to curl up and read a good book.

A good book can take you places.

Knowledge is power. When you read you learn, and there is no limit when it comes to reading. You can read whatever you want, wherever you want, and be inspired.

Sometimes when you have all these things going for you, reading a good book is like discovering something magical. And I just love that!

What do you like to read?

Poem: “Up and Up”


Grandma always wanted to ride

on a hot air balloon


this summer at a festival

I bought a key chain


colors of the rainbow

colors so obnoxious

so bright and clown-like


But every time I drive

or look down at my keys

unlocking the apartment door

I am reminded of a dream


Grandma was too sick

she couldn’t go

balloons go too high

and the air was too cold

but not this time


Balloons go up and up

they are bucket list dreams

and that’s my goal

the desire

to not let life pass me by


always be on that balloon

that’s going somewhere


50 Word Stories: Turmoil


I think I took this when super storm sandy happened.

Water fell in torrents. What a perfect end to a stormy night. Rain poured down the gutter, my face fell with it. I looked down at my speckled blue rain coat, and flicked the dark drops from my shoulders. Tomorrow will be a new day. Today, I’ll bury the hatchet.

Poem: “Friendship”

Feeling thankful this Saturday.


Car troubles

about to cry and some one

says, “Go to Rays,”

Found out that Ray’s

is this automotive shop

for the little people

of this world that rely

on friendship and family

to get by


not money,

or life’s glamour

but pure, helpful



A pat on the back

a friendly smile

and suddenly you’re not

alone anymore


I’ve said it before

and I’ll say it again

friends really are

the family you choose


Poem: “Baseball Memories”

If I could pick a moment

this would be it

smell of beer

shiny, blue wooden seats

smell of popcorn and


A clean hit to left field

Aw, base runner out at first

the crowd goes wild


Your hand in mine

I grin even as my heart aches

This place reminds me of Grandma

I can see her wide grin

the way she bounced in her seat

to every little song between innings


Suddenly, I want to laugh and cry

and when the sky bursts with color

I look back at your face

My arm around my favorite niece,

Your eyes on mine

Eyes dark, as the sky riots with light

And I know now I want to cry


Embraced by the ones I love

I am that sky coming apart in flashes and sparkles

trying to hold back the tears

feeling so whole I just can’t take it

and then it’s over

I am an echo of happiness, of sadness

But I am something else, too