Ever Tried an Excercise Ball for a Desk Chair?

Just wanted to give a shout out to Dainelle Hunter as a quick thank you for the Liebster Award Nomination! Will follow-up with a blog post this weekend when I’ll be able to take the time and write something clever for it. So look for that this Saturday!

img_20160525_185048557.jpgTonight I treated myself to a little shop therapy. I’ve been trying to get healthier this spring and summer, and along that line is being able to sit at my desk for longer periods at a time without being in agony.

After hurting my shoulder/upper back region at work, I’m always sore and achy after sitting down at a desk for eight hours everyday. And thus, I don’t want to sit at my desk at home and write. (Which is a big problem!)

img_20160525_185058155.jpgMy solution: an exercise ball! I didn’t realize until after doing some research, that some employers let you use an exercise ball at work instead of a chair. As the chances of me getting one at work are very unlikely, I thought I’d try it at home.

The idea is that the ball forces you to balance, thus automatically making you sit up straight which strengthens core muscles and your back, (which is everything that I need strengthened.)

It’s not easy to get used to sitting on a ball instead of a chair, so figured I would alternate between the two for a while until I get used to it.

What do you guys think? Ever tried this before?

Poem: Uninspired

Want to write a poem
And not sure what to say
Feeling uninspired
Exhausted from the day

Should I tell a story?
Should I make it sad?
Lies and disappointments
That’s all I ever had

At least for today with
Work and fewer smiles
Don’t do this you slaves!
Yeah, I’ll think on that awhile

Good to know I matter
I love to see the praise
Yeah and guess what?
Where’s my f**king raise?

Ah, but I digress
Not the point of this poem
Writing relieves the stress
With the comforts of home

So go forth and write!
Be lovely, fun and crazy!
(But don’t be like me,
I’m so f**king lazy!)

Bahaha…I miss rhyming, it’s so silly and fun! Hope everyone has a great night!

Happy writing!

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3 & 4 Recap: What’s Going to Happen Next?

***Spoilers ahead! You have been warned!


***All photo credits to HBO.

Are you as crazy about Game of Thrones as I am this season??

I can’t seem to get enough of it and repeatedly wish it came out all at once like the Netflix series do! Now wouldn’t that be just fantastic?! Anyway…

Episode 3, ‘Oathbreaker’ recap:

Jon Snow is rather shaken by his return from death. The red woman asks him, “What did you see?”

“Nothing,” Snow says, and he looks horrified. “There was nothing at all.” He hangs the people who murdered him, even young Olly, and then Jon hands his cloak over to Dolorous Edd and says, “My watch is ended!”

Sam and Gilly are taking a detour on their way to Old Town by way of Sam’s parents house. The Citadel doesn’t allow women (which is so freaking typical,) so Sam is hoping that his family will keep Gilly and baby Sam safe.

Bran+Three+Eyed+RavenIn Bran’s flashbacks with the Three-eyed raven, we see a younger Ned Stark try to save his sister in the Tower of Joy. There is a great battle, but Bran learns that what actually happened and what is told through history is actually quite different.

We hear a woman’s cry from the tower…was it Lyanna Stark in distress? Giving birth to Jon Snow?

Daenerys is predictably taken to Vaes Dothrak, Tyrion tries to engage Grey Worm and Missandei in conversation, and Varys discovers that Volantis, Yunkai and Astapor are all backing the Sons of the Harpy.

From Maester Qyburn, we learn that Varys’ little birds are really children bribed with sweets in return for secrets. Jaime and Cersei crash a high council meeting, which doesn’t really go as planned. And in Braavos, Arya finally gets her eyes back after she beats the waif in a fight.

Meanwhile in Winterfell, Lord Umber has a gift for Ramsay Bolton: Osha and Rickon Stark.

(I find it’s nearly impossibly to write a small recap for Game of Thrones, there are so many freaking story-lines!)

sansaEpisode 4, ‘Book of the Stranger’ recap:

Jon Snow and Sansa stark reunite! Sansa, Brienne and Pod arrive at castle black and there is a bit of amusement when Tormund makes eyes at Lady Brienne. After receiving a threatening letter from Ramsay, Sansa convinces Jon that they must fight for Winterfell and take it back.

In the Vale, Littlefinger convinces Lord Robyn Arryn to help Sansa take back Winterfell and defeat the Boltons. We never truly know what Littlefinger is up to…but its becoming more clear how much these ‘lesser’ type characters are really the ones pulling the strings.

Queen Margaery is rewarded by the High Sparrow and is allowed to see her brother. The High Sparrow tells Margaery about his past. For a man who claims to want nothing, why does he have so much power?

In Meereen, Tyrion has a meeting with the leaders of the other cities and suggests some new terms:  they have seven years to get rid of slavery. Missandei and Grey Worm disagree with these terms and believe that the slavers will just take advantage of them all.

Cersei, Jaime and Olenna Tyrell form an alliance and agree that the High Sparrow must be taken down. Theon Greyjoy reaches the Iron Islands and wants to support Yara in being leader, and in Winterfell, Osha is killed by Ramsay Bolton.

danyMeanwhile, Daario and Jorah have reached Vaes Dothrak and Daario teases Jorah for being old and says that the old man could never handle the dragon in bed. He also discovers that Jorah has greyscale.

Daenerys meets with the council of Dothraki Khals, who will decide what to do with her  since she did not go to Vaes Dothhrak after Drogo’s death. Dany tells them that she would make a better Khal than all of them. “You are not going to serve,” she says, “You are going to die.” She dumps the fire pits on them all and the temple goes up in flames.

Dany emerges from the flames and over one-hundred thousand Dothraki all bow to the mother of dragons.

wwndrqmze6jjucq4jtl8mrthcatfyt2y-largeBut what’s going to happen next?

I’ve heard it mention a few times: last week was definitely an episode of Fire and Ice.

Both very important characters to this world made some very game-changing decisions. Daenerys now has one-hundred thousand Dothraki willing to obey her every command, and Jon Snow is taking the next step to becoming Warden of the North, and a possible threat to the Iron Throne.

Well, what does that mean for everyone else?

It’s becoming clear that the future of Westeros is never going to be the same. There’s a new game afoot and characters that were once at the head of the throne, are now falling to the wayside. (Aka, the Lannisters.)

Also, according to the brief glimpse of the white walkers we got in this week’s preview, Winter is definitely coming. The white walkers are coming and iron throne or not, the rest of this world is going to suffer for it.

What do you guys think is going to happen in tonight’s episode?

Poem: Drip, Drip, Drop

It’s been raining all weekend, and I had this poem in my head last night. This one is from the early college days, but still fun. I wish I could still rhyme like I did back then, but I am so rarely inspired lately.

The thing about rain, though, is that here is something about the sound of rain, the smell of it, the feel of it on your skin that tells a story all on its own.

Spectacular kisses always happen in the middle of a rain storm…it’s the fantastic release of the earth’s pent-up energy, and on those really sad days, it’s the tears you feel inside, the universe crying, sharing in with your grief…

Anyway, here it is just a poem, and me thinking about the sound of water as it falls. It’s not really about a rain storm at all.😉

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

IMG_20140510_152509351_HDRDrip, Drip, Drop

Drip, drip, drop, goes the water in the sink.

As I stand there listening, it gets me to think;

How much water is in the ocean,

When the waves all dip in motion,

is it as great as I imagine,

Or a waste?

Does the sunlight on the water glisten?

Can you smell its salty taste?


Drip, drip, drop, goes the water when it rains.

Flowing down rusty gutters and down shiny window panes.

It gathers in wide, muddy puddles.

It clears away the dust.

It drips on plants and worn-out metal,

And gathers where it must.


Drip, drip, drop, goes the water in the sink.

As it is wasting, it gets me to think.

How much water will be needed,

When our whole supply is depleted?

When our water just flows out the drain?

There will be no waves in motion,

Because there is no ocean, or water…to form rain.

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 2 Recap: What’s Going to Happen Next?

****Spoilers ahead!! And fan theories…venture at your own risk!!


**All photo credits to HBO.

Well, I kind of missed the boat last week. Hey, life happens people. Here’s a brief recap off the top of my head:

Jon Snow Lives!

Whew. Glad I got that one off my chest. The Night’s Watch leader is alive and well, thanks to the magic of Melisandre, although she experiences doubts in herself. Luckily Davos is there to give her some encouragement.

We finally get to see Bran Stark as well. He is north of the wall with the Three-eyed Raven, and Meera, Jojen’s sister. The three-eyed raven is giving Bran a very interesting glimpse of the past. We see Ned Stark as a boy, and his fellow siblings: Benjen Stark, and Lyanna. Coincidence that Bran remarks that his father never talked about his sister? (I think NOT!)

GoT_Zuhause_Lyanna_Stark_Bran_Stark_Krähe_EddardWe also learn that Hodor used to be called Willis, and he was a stable boy just as chatty and normal as everyone else.

Meanwhile in the present, Sansa Stark is with Brienne and Pod. Theon Greyjoy decides not to go north with them and take the black as Sansa suggests, where everything of his past will be forgiven; Theon doesn’t think he deserves forgiveness and says that he is going home.

In the Iron Islands, Balon Greyjoy is killed by his brother, and Yara, who expects to be named King, will now have to stand and defend herself in a Kingsmoot; a meeting where the people of the Iron Islands decide who gets to be the next leader.

tyrion dragonsTyrion has a very heart-stopping moment with Dany’s dragons in the pyramids of Meereen. He tells the intelligent dragons how much he wanted a dragon as a kid, and how magnificent he thinks they are and they seem to listen. They allow him to free them from their chains.

In Winterfell, Ramsay kills his father Roose Bolton, because his claim to the north is threatened with the birth of his new baby half-brother. In a rather horrific moment, he feeds his step-mother and newborn brother to his dogs.

But what will happen next in tonight’s episode?

I don’t think its a coincidence that we are getting a glimpse of the past from Bran’s new-found abilities. There is a theory bouncing around the internet that Lyanna Stark is really the mother of Jon Snow, because of her relationship with Rhaegar Targaryen, (whether through rape or love, it’s never clear in the books!)

It is thought that the reason Ned Stark doesn’t talk about his sister very much is because of the secret he holds about Jon’s true parentage. The secret could change everything we think might happen or could happen in Westoros.

Will we get more glimpses of the past that points to this theory in tonight’s episode? I think so! Maybe even the birth of Jon Snow! (Although, I think the writers might draw it out a bit more and make us suffer.)

john-snow-512x512What’s next for Jon Snow?

Well, his oath to the Night’s Watch is fulfilled. He died, and he doesn’t have to stay at the wall if he doesn’t want to. Kit Harrington even noted in an interview that death has changed his character. Jon Snow is frightened of death now. We might see a more cautious and calculating Jon Snow from now on.

Will Jon Snow kill Ramsay Bolton? (God, let’s hope so!)

As for everyone else?

Who cares! (No, I’m just kidding.) But…I am very much swept up in the Jon Snow story-line. I can’t help myself.

Arya’s on her way to becoming a bad-ass assassin of course. I think the moment she finally becomes No One, is the moment she will get recognized as Arya Stark. I think her final moments in this series are going to be rather poignant.

And whatever happened to Hodor has something to do with what happened to Lyanna Stark. I think it is very important to the story line. Maybe when Rhaegar kidnaps her? Seduces her? Who Knows!

But these are just theories of course! What do you guys think?

What do you think is going to happen in tonight’s episode?

Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma…I Miss You

I’ve been sitting here for the last half an hour on Wikipedia reading about Reba McEntire, about her recent divorce, her relationship with Kelly Clarkson, and the plot to Reba’s show, Malibu Country, which got cancelled about three years ago.

I haven’t suddenly become obsessed with Reba McEntire, (although I’ve always liked country music,) I’m stalling.

grandma roseA year ago today, May 8th, we lost someone special to us in our family. My grandmother, Dorothy, passed away from cancer. Today is Mother’s Day, but I’ll never get to say hello to her again.

Which is why…the stalling. I know I want to write something to honor her, but I don’t know where to begin. With all the poems I wrote about her in the past year? With our last conversation? The words of Reba McEntire’s song, “What Do You Say” keeps repeating itself in my head.

What do you say in a moment like this? When you can’t find the words to tell it like it is?”

My heart breaks a little. What do you say?

Dear Grandma,

I miss you.

Love, Amanda

There really isn’t much more to say. I said it all before in the poems I wrote for her: For Grandma, Not Goodbye, Baseball Memories, Up and Up, and Big Picture.


My sister, Anna, me and Grandma in the back seat of the car on some road trip, over ten years ago; laughing and being goofy.

P.S.  I remember the last time we spoke, Grandma, I made you laugh. I told you something that Lilly had said, and I made you laugh. You were in pain, but my last moment with you…I made you laugh. One day, I’ll type out that conversation. I’ll put it in a memoir and tell everyone how much your house smelled like you, how it felt so quiet, and cold with you down for the count, and everyone wondering, “Is it time?”

But no, one spring afternoon at the end of April, while you were lying on the couch, too weak to get up, I made you laugh. And it warms my heart like nothing else.

I love you, Grandma.  Happy Mother’s Day.

Poem: Saturday Night

Pirated Deadpool
Ate pasta
Bread and sauce
And goodness
Broke the fourth wall
And eachother’s
Dead like Deadpool
But still got limbs
And hearts
And loneliness
Crawl into bed
With a good book
A book friend
Waiting to be held

:p This one is silliness! In case you didn’t catch it, we watched some Deadpool tonight. I love Ryan Reynolds, so great. The movie was awesome… Totally inappropriate for young ones, but still great.

Hope you guys are having a great night!

Maggie Stiefvater, and Poem: The Words

img_20160426_163707562_hdr.jpgMaggie Stiefvater, my favorite author! This is what I got going on tonight: Her final book in the Raven Boys series, The Raven King. So far, it is fabulous!

The reason I love Maggie Stiefvater so much is because of her writing. I love her writing style, so poetic, so lyrical. You love hearing the sound of her words when you recite them out loud. And like the magic she writes about in her books, her words are magic. She has the power to transport you into a different world. Be wary of entering a world of Maggie Stiefvater’s, you may not come out again.😉


I love her words so much, that after reading some more of her new book the other night, I frantically typed out this poem in my phone:

The Words

Love the way

a good book feels

gets inside your skin

Makes you feel

Feel, feel

Feel as you aren’t real

Feel as if you are dreaming


Love like the impossible


without limits

no hesitation

Love without sleep

without barriers

nothing to keep,

keep you back

From full throttle


Love the thrill

of overkill

of too much

and not enough

Feel, feel, feel

Words so powerful

Transports you into

another time

another place


You are the impossible

you are that dream

you’ve started to become

and you can feel

The way it burns

inside  you

Love, love, love

until you die

until you cry

Reach for the impossible

New beginnings.


Game of Thrones Season 6 episode 1 Review: The Red Woman

***Obviously, spoilers ahead! You have been warned!

game-of-thrones-season-6-melisandre-750x522-1456178589Well, that was kind of anti-climatic. I thought with all the hype about Jon Snow’s death, the writers would cut to the chase – now we will finally know the fate of Jon Snow – well, not so much in this episode!

Arya is still blind and struggling to cope with her new affliction, especially when the waif comes to beat her up, expecting Arya to fight her blind. She leaves with the threat that she will be there again the next day.

aryaOne story line that did bring us some satisfaction was Sansa’s. Her and Theon struggle to escape Ramsay’s hounds, and are captured by his men; only to be rescued, (thankfully) by Brienne of Tarth and Pod. Finally something good to happen for the two!

After her shameful walk through the streets, Cersei is excited when she hears of Myrcella’s return, but the expression on Jaime’s face tells all: the young princess is dead. They grieve together, and Jaime convinces her that its only up to them now, who cares about anybody else.

Tyrion looks comfortable in a role that is familiar to him. He and Varys walk the streets of Meereen, trying to see what needs to be done for the city. They both notice that the attitude towards Dany has changed somewhat towards the negative, and there is a bit of humor when Tyrion’s poor Valyrian makes some lady think that he wants to eat her baby.

Jorah and Daario muse over how they both love Dany, and we get another glimpse at Jorah’s greyscale afflicted arm. They find the token she dropped in the grass and conclude (obviously) that she has been taken.


Meanwhile, Dany is brought before the Khal of the Dothraki horde. They make jokes at her expense, most of them wanting to sleep with her, until she can’t take it anymore. In Dothraki, she tells them who she is, and after learning that she is a widow of a Khal, she is reassured that no one will bring her harm. However, she should be in Vaes Dothrak with the other widows and they seem intent on making sure she gets there.

Margaery is still imprisoned until she confesses her sins. She tells the high sparrow that she has nothing to confess, who says that she is getting there but still has a long way to go.

In Dorne, Ellaria Sand, and the Sandsnakes murder Doran Martell and his son, Trystane, and are determined that Dorne will no longer be ruled by “weak men.” Finally, we get to see more of these strong, sexy women!

Although, the first episode wasn’t lacking in action; there wasn’t much done to the story line that has been keeping everyone hyped up for most of the year. Jon Snow is still very much dead. Davos and a few of the men who are loyal to Snow, barricade themselves in a room away from the traitors.

Meanwhile, in the next room Melisandre is stripping naked. Does she never miss an opportunity to get naked? Anyway, one minute she is looking into the mirror and then flash, there is an old woman in her place. And she is ancient; white-haired, pale and droopy all over. At first, I thought a white-walker had taken her place, but it seems the big secret is that the Red Woman is very, very old.

My Thoughts?

It seems like they are setting up the next episode to be some kind of rising…although she seems to have lost some confidence in herself, I do believe that Melisandre does have the power to bring Jon Snow back.

I was a bit frustrated with this episode. I wanted to see him wake right away, but they are going to make us wait some more, apparently! Other that, I thought it was a pretty solid episode.

It will be nice to finally see Bran’s story, again, and I love the hopeful note in Sansa’s story now. Will we finally get to see Ramsay Bolton’s death in this season? God, I hope so!

What were your thoughts on last Sunday’s episode? Did you like it? What do you think will happen next?

Game of Thrones Season 5 finale Recap and Season 6 Predictions

If you haven’t watched Season 5 finale, spoilers ahead!

game-of-thrones-logoAs some of you know, Game of Thrones Season 6 premieres tonight and I am so excited that we will finally know the fate of Jon Snow!

Thought I’d write up a quick recap of where the characters were at the end of last season and what we might expect in this first episode that premieres tonight.

Last we saw them…

Arya Stark – Has defied the Many-Faced God by killing someone she was not supposed to. The last we see her, she has lost her eyesight as punishment.

Sansa Stark – Escapes with Theon Greyjoy, jumps over the wall of Winterfell and into the snow away from Ramsay.

Ramsay Bolton – Slaughters Stannis’s army in the snow.

Stannis Baratheon- Wife and daughter dead, and then he is Killed by Brienne of Tarth as revenge for Renly Baratheon’s death. (Good Riddance!)

Jaime Lannister – On their journey home from Dorne, he tells Myrcella she is his daughter. Myrcella is poisoned to death by Ellaria Sand as revenge for Prince Oberyn’s death.

Melisandre – Aka, The Red Woman, steals a horse and abandons Stannis when he is on the brink of war and rides to the wall. She arrives to give Davos Seaworth the bad news of Shireen’s death, and everyone else.

Cersei Lannister – After her walk of shame through the streets of King’s Landing, she finds herself somewhat broken. She finds comfort in the arms of a giant Knight, (who we can assume is Gregor Clegane, The Mountain, in Zombie form.)

Tyrion Lannister – Left to help rule Meereen in Dany’s absence along with Grey Worm, Missandei, and Varys.

Daenerys Targaryen – Ends up in the middle of no where when she takes off on her dragon Drogon. She gets captured by a Dothraki horde.

Daario and Jorah – Ride off in search of Dany.

Sam and Gilly – Ride off to old town, so Sam can become a Maester.

Jon Snow – Is betrayed by men of the Night’s Watch and killed. The last we see is Jon’s blood seeping into the snow.

Bran Stark – the last we saw of Bran was in season four, very north of the wall with the three-eyed raven.

What might we see in tonight’s episode? Will Jon Snow come back?

Is Jon Snow truly dead? The dead may walk in Game of Thrones and the Lord of Light might spare our handsome leader.

I think the Red Woman has arrived at the wall to bring Jon Snow back to life. And then Jon Snow will reappear as Jon Stark to kick some Bolton ass!

Sansa might have some of the same ideas in mind…to take back Winterfell and find her brothers.

We will also finally get to see Bran Stark in this season! In truth, I have no idea what his plans are, and can’t even guess.

Winter is Coming!!!