Poem: Deep Thoughts

Looking for inspiration
I turn to God
“Why did you build the stars?”
Mike hears and says, “Years, babe.
Years and years.”
I turn to science then,
“Let’s go to Mars!”
Mike hears
“It’s too far,”
he says. “Too far.”

I think about how round the sun is
How it burns with that blazing yellow
How there are patterns in a turtle’s shell
That weren’t there when it was born

How there is space junk swirling around earth
Like that ball and string on a pole
Waiting to smack you in the face

“Why is the earth round?”
Mike looks at the ground
At me, all around, and gestures
“To contain all of this.”

And I snuggle in close and smile.

Poem: Apocalypse

I don’t write as often as I should
Lies are told and morning comes
Some days, its not just ‘all right’

Get your coffee and corruption
Truth bleeds through your TV set
Big Brother knows and shows
What it can, when it can
And we believe, the f**ckheads

Soon, it’ll be WWIII
and gas and war without the Nazi’s
Soon we’ll die and succumb
Always under everyones thumb

Dark days are coming you know
Can’t you just feel the cold?
Big Brother tells us what to feel
And it’ll snow, and snow, and snow…

***Not sure where this one came from this morning. But certainly sick of the influence the media has on the world nowadays. They tell us who to vote for, who to believe in; because we aren’t shown everything… Only what the media thinks we should hear. When did we become so ‘generalized?’ When did we stop thinking for ourselves?

Friday Night Writing

Already had my glass of wine, and in bed before 9:30 on a Friday night…but there’s some silver lining here; going to try to write some!

“Gonna try to write something,” I told Mike, the other half. “Escape from the shit in the world for a while.”

Isn’t that the case most of the time, though?

When the world gets too much, or when it’s just not enough, we disappear into the fictional one for an adventure, a distraction that gets us out of this dysfunctional funk we find ourselves in half the time.

Maybe this is why I also love Children’s Literature. There’s always an adventure, always something to be learned but usually a positive outcome in the end.

And we could all use a happy ending, every once and awhile.


Happy Writing!




Poem: Work

Bah, bad day at work today. Came home and ate some chocolate chip cookies and now thinking of taking a nap. Life’s a dream sometimes, isn’t?
We merely survive half the time, but whatever happened to living? I think most Americans have forgotten how to live. We are so wrapped up in everything that’s going on in the world, in technology, in the next big fad that we forget to look at what’s right under our noses.


There are dead souls
In the break room
I can practically hear
The shrieking
Cue the suspenseful
Horror music
And the blood
Dripping down
the walls

That there’s boredom
And people’s lives
Ebbing away
Can’t you just
Hear the monotony?

This one’s dead
And that one dying
And who the f**k
Gives a crap anyway?

Hear them whisper:

No one
No one
No one

Buying Alcohol at 9 in the Morning

imageThis post isn’t about writing at all, really. It’s not even about alcohol, either.
This summer I turned twenty-eight, (woo me!) but I was having a thought last night, and I have no idea what it means to be a twenty-eight.

Should I feel like an adult? An old lady? Should I just give up all together and realize that being an adult is waay overrated? Hmm. There’s a thought.

Here I am on the brink of thirty, (clearly,) and all I want to do is travel the world, try awesome new food, and adopt a new pet…maybe a rat. It would be cool to have a rodent I could train to do tricks.

Last night, I went to bed at 10pm, and woke up at 8am with Mike this morning. I picked up some things to make enchiladas at Wegmans for dinner tonight, (we here in upstate New York loove our Wegmans), and grabbed some bottles of wine at the nearby liquor store…all before 9am.

Am I getting old?


My purse I bought.

I tried shopping last night and I realized I don’t even know whats in any more. I picked out a purse and thought, Oh my God, what if its an old lady purse?!

One of my girlfriend’s assured me that it was definitely not…but I guess my point is, I don’t know who I am anymore. I’m way too old to shop in the juniors section, but I’m too young to graduate to cardigans and carpet bags.

I’m ready for that time where I’m not a jittery twenty-year old trying to figure life out, but I don’t have visions of buying a house, or having kids…yet. I still feel like I haven’t done anything.

I guess it makes sense that I am feeling this way, because I’ll always be a kid a heart. The unconventional sort who likes to wear Jon Snow t-shirts, and Star Wars leggings, (I totally don’t have Star Wars leggings, but now I want some!), and who likes to write notes for stories in the shower on my trusty water-proof notebook.

I want to travel the world in a camper that rocks back and forth on the highway, and I want to drink wine at 10am and eat s’mores for breakfast. I want to listen to music with the windows down, and I want to experience new things, and learn a new language.

I’m too old to sleep till noon anymore, because, let’s face it, when you get older, time is a currency all on its own. But I’m not ready for the white picket fence and suburban neighbors. Who of any of my generation can afford that anyway?

I want to live a life of plenty, and I want to be that crazy neighbor that has painted every side of her house a different color.

I want to celebrate the life of an unconventional and I think we should all cheer to that.
I want to live the creative life that I was meant to…

Because there’s no age-limit for creativity, and I’m completely fine with that!

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

Poem: Old Lady

10pm on a Friday
And already in bed
Mike shooting in Halo
Book waiting to be read

I might as well be dead
But that’s not nice to say
Snuggled in the covers
Saying goodbye to Friday

Goodnight and good evening
Happy weekend and farewell
Another day is gone
Another tale to tell

Eyes droop with sleep
Face relaxed and still
Time to say goodnight
Time to change the will

Hmm, that took a strange turn lol Soo tired! Good night all!

Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson: My Thoughts and Impressions

I just finished listening to Jenny Lawson’s Furiously Happy on audio today and I absolutely loved it.Furiously Happy is a memoir about Lawson’s life; specifically her struggles with mental illness which she explores with amusing essays featuring her blog, her family, and her life.

It is exactly as she described it: a funny book about horrible things, and for anyone who suffers from mental illness,  like depression or social anxiety, it is an easily relatable book and comforting when you learn how the author counters her illness.51Z3ZotTWfL__SX329_BO1,204,203,200_

Some of my impressions:

You can’t take yourself too seriously.

That much is obvious. You have a bad day, you embarrass yourself, you cry about it, but you move on. There are many things that happen in her life that I would be mortified about but she seems to have master the knack for laughing about it sometime down the road.

She relies on family and the comfort of friends.

Relying on the comfort of loved ones on those really down days is a good option. You feel so alone inside, but you don’t have to be physically alone. Loved ones are there to provide support when you need it.

She has mastered the art of pretending.

She is good friends with Neil Gaiman who gave her some great advice when she was having doubts about being able to read her own book on audio. She told him she wasn’t any good at it, and he told her (something along the lines of), “pretend that you are good at it.”

Take a deep breath and step forward.

It’s not always easy to move forward when your mind is telling you that you can’t possibly leave the house right now, because then you’ll have to talk to people and sometimes there are days when that is just exhausting. In that case…

Learn how to push yourself.

Even when it is very difficult;  because the rewards are worth it in the end.

And that’s it really.  I’ll probably end up listening to it again in a few days. I found it a great comfort and relief to know that I shouldn’t have to make excuses for myself on my bad days. Because those that also experience the same things that I do, completely understand.

What do you guys think? Have you read or listened to Furiosuly Happy? What were your thoughts on it?


Top Ten Things a Blogger Would Do

*** I thought this was neat, thought I would share!

Top 10 Things Only a True Blogger Will DoSo you think you are a good blogger. You have a few hundred readers and you are well on the way to getting a lot more. But unless you do at least a few of the following things you can’t consider yourself a true blogger… Top 10…

via Top 10 Things Only a True Blogger Will Do — The top 10 of Anything and Everything!!!

Magnetic Poetry: Morning Kisses

I was having a thought after dropping Mike off at work this morning: I love summer.

I thought that I would write more since I’m not all depressed from the winter blues, but turns out it is just the opposite!

I want to be outside and about enjoying the great weather, which is great, too, but doesn’t always mean I’ll be sitting at my desk writng…hmm.

Figured it was time for some Magnetic Poetry, it has been awhile.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!:) Happy Writing!

Morning Kisses


your kisses are delicious

let morning shivers

melt away

in each concrete embrace