A bit of Flash Fiction: Fairytale World

Probably been marathoning a little bit too much Once Upon a Time today on Netflix. ;) But when you don’t feel well, what else is there to do?

An old hag yelled at me today. Did I forget to mention she’s my boss? I imagine her as this crumpled type of creature with claws for fingers and eyes that glint with rage and blindness.

I was assaulted by the copy machine. She snatched those papers out of my hands so fast, she might have snapped her fingers…poof. Papers gone in a flash of magic.

Oh, if I were to have magic. What a glorious world this would be. What a glorious one I would live in. Still, a 9 to 5 isn’t some kind of torture chamber… Mostly.

Now, where would the prince charming fit in? I suppose the guy in marketing has some kind of charm. He did wink at me the other day. Or maybe there was something in his eye?


I look up and there’s the old hag herself. Hands on her hip, glaring down at me. “Didn’t you get my email?” She says. She throws more papers on my desk. “This is the wrong report. I want the one I gave you yesterday.”

After a few, “Yes, ma’ams,” from me, she’s on her way.

I watch her in her gray skirt-suit as she storms away, her ridiculous black heels look like those crooked ones that witches always wear.
Huh, how appropriate. I imagine myself with a bow and arrow trained on her back. One released breath and twang she’s down for the count, never to terrorize anyone again.

Lucky for her, the phone rings. I pick it up without another thought. “Mrs. Applebaum’s office. How can I help you?”

Ah, I suppose there’s always another day.

Poem: Insomnia

Bah, ‘nother bad day. Although, trying to rise above it. Here’s hoping tomorrow will be a better one!


Cannot sleep
All the words of today
Keep rattling around
Yesterday’s news
Life’s unfair
you quickly learn
And anyone who gives a damn
Are the wrong sort of people

I think I want to dream
Of some place warm
Plant my toes in sand
Feel the smooth sift
Of memories
Curled around my toes

Life’s a mystery, ain’t it?
A drawn out affair
It’s not worth it
To lose sleep
Over something so petty

To live in a fair world
Ah, there’s the dream

My Plot Points are too Weak?

I’m actually sitting down to work on the plot for one of my stories tonight. Woo! This is progress!

However, I have a few questions. How do you know when your plot points are too weak? This is my problem:

I’ll sit down to write out a few scenes or scenarios for an outline, and suddenly doubt creeps in the further I get into the story. Suddenly, I’m filled with doubt and questioning my motives and my characters motives: would someone really do that? Am I going overboard with my character’s emotions?

So of course, turned to google for some answers. I found my answer here, on this blog, who uses J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone as an example of a book that has great plot points; which makes for a compelling story as well as evokes an emotional reaction in its readers. (I mean kudos already goes to this blogger who references my hero, J.K. Rowling.)

I guess the important thing to note here, when it comes to plot writing, is to make sure that your character is influenced emotionally, (so emotion is great!) you want your character to change/face some obstacle in someway, but you also want your story to resonate in the mind of your readers. Huh.

Not too difficult I should think? Right? Do you guys have any insight on how you go about plotting your stories?

Happy Writing everyone!



Lazy Sunday Sunshine and Writing

wpid-wp-1429141260673.jpegI think my favorite part of Sundays is waking up when the sun is shining (if it is shining) and basking in the warmth and appreciating God’s gift of life, of love, and comfort, by celebrating it with the one way I know how: by enjoying it!

(And I might note that the above paragraph took me like 5 minutes longer to write then it should have, oh boy!)

I also made me a smoothie this morning, a nice orangey-mango concoction, which I hope will kick-start these missing brain cells and make me feel like I am eating healthier, although I am probably going to eat some leftover pasta for lunch here in a minute.

Not much new going on with me….excited about getting money back for taxes.(Money! What is this money you speak of? What is that?)

I’ve also been trying to work more and more on one of my stories. The story is my science-fiction/fantasy/steam-punk/young adult/dystopian novel, which I hope I can eventually get a rough draft done for it this year. I haven’t quite narrowed it down yet. Can you tell? ;)

This was a story I started back in college, and its taking me a long time to develop the characters, the world, and the plot. (I am still working on all three of these things!)

The point: everyone has their own way of discovering things for their story and their writing, and I am happy that I am slowly finding mine. Slowly but surely. It seems that the majority of my brainstorming and story planning comes from the visual. I’ll write a scene, I’ll type up a character interview, and see what works best from there.

In order for me to see it, I have to write it and what a great way to discover what works and what doesn’t.

(Also, try interviewing your characters if you are having trouble getting to know them. I find that my characters tend to be very mouthy when you ask them questions that make them uncomfortable.)

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Happy writing!


Poem: Bad Day

Having a dementor sort of day
The sky sucks all my energy
Icicles drip from my nose
Elsa talks about frozen hearts
I can’t even feel mine

The clouds weigh a million pounds
Everything shadowed in steel gray
There’s this little voice deep down
It whispers: you’re worthless, you’re worthless

**J. K. Rowling used her experiences with depression as inspiration for the dementors she created in her Harry Potter books. I can see why. Depression really is a terrible thing.

Things You Should Say to Someone with SAD

Today was a gloomy day, and as such, today was a tiring day. I’ve taken my vitamin D, and I’ve sat in front of my sun-lamp, and now all there is left to do is to wait until bed-time comes and I can finally close these tired eyes.

wpid-wp-1417145283589.jpegEveryone was grumpy and tired at work today, and the snow on the ground outside marks the first significant snow we’ve gotten all winter. (This might be the main cause of the grumpiness, as no one likes to drive in bad weather!)

I was having a thought about what to write tonight, and mostly what’s been on my mind lately, is my seasonal affective disorder. Most everyone in the north-east gets some kind of winter blues, but those of us with SAD have more of a rough time of it.

I get frustrated because I am very much a different person half of the year, and I miss my full self – that self that really is happy to get out of bed in the morning, is full of energy, laughter, and creative ideas.

In the winter I am this: Tired, distracted, depressed, anxious, spacey, (have trouble concentrating,) and less creative.

I find myself  interacting less, laughing less and struggling with the right words to say in social situations. Most of the time I just want to crawl into bed and watch Netflix, but if I do that, how will I get a chance to write?

Anyway, thought I’d write a list of helpful things you should say to someone with SAD in case you have a friend who’s been down on their luck lately:

  • Hey, the sun’s out! Let’s go for a walk together!

Exercise is a great way to counteract that overall blah-ness. And interacting with a friend is always nice, too.

  • What are you doing this Friday? Want to stay in and order food and watch movies together?

You’ll need the exercise to counteract the take-out, but sometimes a weekend in with a loved one is the perfect cure to a rough week, and some down days. In the end, you just want to feel loved, and feel a sense of security.

  • (To a girlfriend). Want to go get our hair done together? Want to get a new outfit to wear?

Course, I suppose, a guy could go shopping with you, too! Feeling good about yourself, and confident in how you look has a big impact on how you feel.

  • I see you had a bad day, anything I can do to help?

Sometimes those bad days happen, and sometimes you do want to crawl into bed and stay there for a little while. As a loved one, you should be okay with cuddling in bed with your significant other and not facing the world for a little while.

Remember, it is not a bad thing to take some moments for yourself, any time that you may need.

And that’s enough for now, I’m sure I’ll have more insight down the road when I’m not falling asleep at my desk like I am now! Ack!

Hope everyone keeps safe and warm tonight!

Happy writing!

The Sunday Night Blues

Definitely feeling those Sunday night blues, tonight. And if you are slaves to the Monday through Friday work week like me, you all know what I mean.

This weekend was a great weekend, though. Don’t have any money, but still managed to relax, play some games, have a few drinks, watch some shows, and do absolutely nothing…which is what I meant to do.

But after a tipsy Saturday night, you wake up late on Sunday, and you realize with a sudden sinking feeling that you know Sunday morning is going to fly by, and at 5pm, you’re making dinner, and then it is 8:30pm, and you are dreading work the next morning and the coming week.

Why isn’t there any more holidays left?

Most of the time, I try to distract myself from the thoughts of Monday morning. I get on my computer, listen to music, I write, I do everything but clean (which is probably something that needs doing,) but with only a few hours of freedom left, why would I waste them doing something like cleaning?

100_1427God, I wish I was just on one big year-long vacation, don’t you?

Anyone win the lottery, yet? I wish I would! Then, I wouldn’t have to go to work tomorrow morning…

What do you guys do to keep away the Sunday night blues? Or maybe another day of the week is your ‘Sunday?’

I think I plan on getting a cup of tea, maybe take a bath, and read a good book. Only thing left to do is just to rest while I can, and then face the coming morning. (Sigh.)

Hope everyone has a great week!

Tired Ramblings, and a Late Christmas Poem

Almost 10pm and I am tired, tired, tired. (I did wake up at 5am for work this morning.) Thought I’d take a quick moment and say a few words. On second thought, not much happened. Soo…nevermind. I bought new boots, and new pants (yay for new clothes!) and managed to at least read over the new stuff that I wrote on one of my stories the other day.

Honestly, how do guys manage it? I am not very good at managing my time apparently. And if I were to truly focus on my writing after work, the house work would never get done. Like…ever. (Not that that’s really upsetting me or anything.)

Anyway, think I’ll look through my pocket muse and see if there’s a quick writing prompt I can do up for ya. Eh….never-mind. I just remembered there was a Christmas poem I wrote back in the college days that I meant to share around the holidays. Better late than never, I suppose. Here goes:

A Christmas Plant

poinsettia-redRed and green leaves

on a plant that’s

leafy tall

stand rooted in rich brown soil

its base wrapped in green tin foil

with leaves tipping outward and stretching

like an open baseball glove

Catch the light

Catch the light